Rare Replay’s Opening Is Full Of Nostalgia (And Some Poop)


After years of a wasting its legacy, 30 classic games are coming to the Xbox One, as this new trailer shows off…

Henry Gilbert here, host of Cape Crisis (brought to you by the Laser Time Patreon), and someone who was once one of Rare/Rareware’s biggest fans. Whether on NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Xbox, Xbox 360, or even the Xbox One to an extent. But ever since the launch of the Kinect, the Twycross-based developer really hasn’t been the same, and even seemed to ignore its history. That’s finally changing with the launch of Rare Replay, an HD compilation of three decades of Rare games, including a ton of Nintendo-related titles I figured we’d never see again. With the release a couple weeks away, here’s the fancy opening cinematic, that showcase all the classic characters in a funny style that Rare was once known for…

How’d all of this come together? How did the Rare team and composers get these characters all into one place? Let them describe below.

Which of those characters are you most excited to see come back? Pimple? Saberwulf? The Great Mighty Poo? Tell me who in the comments, and maybe pre-order Rare Replay on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Rare Replay’s Opening Is Full Of Nostalgia (And Some Poop)

  1. Man, this really does warm my heart to see. In 20yrs. when everything is owned under SuperVideogame Corp. and I can see Donkey Kong and a faceless Pierce Brosnan up on that stage, I’ll be even happier! Until then I think this is a pretty good deal that makes me a little bit happier I bought a Xbone.

  2. …and with this celebration of their legacy, let’s hope you can reinvigorate themselves in the foreseeable future. Recognizing what made them great should send the message to keep them OFF Kinect shovelware.

  3. id love if this had a pc release down the line, i just cant justify dropping money on a xbone just for a collection like this. i’m sure in four years when its cheaper and it will be something like the sega megadrive collection.

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