There’s a lot to discover in X-Files’ 15-second, 2-line trailer


We’re still six months away from The X-Files’ TV revival, but FOX’s brief teaser for the 2016 miniseries has a few clues regarding what everyone’s pair of paranormal investigators will be up to come next year.

After an even more brief trailer sans-dialogue, a new trailer provided our first look at Fox Mulder and Dana Scully some seven years after their last appearance in I Want to Believe (and over thirteen years since the conclusion of The X-Files’ TV series). Check it out below.

Now it may seem a bit sparse, even for a 15-second tease, but there’s so much speculation to dish from this brief clip. From the creepy noise that book-ends the clip, it sounds like Mulder and Scully will once again investigate an alien thread (a welcome reprieve from I Want to Believe’s lower-stakes plot). A regular foil for the duo — inept local police — will be a part of the investigation, which seemingly includes medical investigation (or experimentation). And then there’s Fox and Dana themselves, both feeling trepidation about the task at hand. Again, unlike the movie, this seems like a matter of life and death for the duo (and perhaps the world) when it comes to their latest investigation.

Since we’ve still got a half-year until The X-Files makes its return to first-run programming on TV, I’m guessing this is just the start of cryptic clues and bigger reveals. I can’t wait to learn more, as the investigation is often more entertaining than solving the puzzle itself.

What do you think of this teaser? Any X-Files fans looking forward to this new show?

7 thoughts on “There’s a lot to discover in X-Files’ 15-second, 2-line trailer

  1. I remember absolutely loving the show but stopping at the end of season 5. Since the series is coming out in HD again this is as good a time as any to rewatch it all, although I’ve heard the last 2 seasons are sort of bad.

    1. Seasons 6 and 7 are definitely worth watching, even if it’s just for the one-offs. Seasons 8 and 9 are a struggle just because of the growing lack of Mulder and Scully in favour of Doggett and Reyes. They still appear frequently, but never enough.

  2. I can’t believe I get to be disappointed by this and Twin Peaks in the same year! It’s a nerd’s dream.

  3. Cant wait but please no Xzhibit! Not sure what Frank Black is up to but if he makes a cameo I will loose my S$&@ yo!

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