“Ferrell Takes the Field” Looks Like a Pre-season Champion


Will Ferrell made a documentary about playing for 10 spring training teams in one day, and the first trailer mixes goofy humor with the amazing feat.

Hi all! Dave here. Amongst the Laser Time staff, I’m probably the biggest baseball fan (though I lag far behind our hardball-loving commenters), especially when it comes to comedies about America’s pastime, like Major League. There have also been great documentaries, like Ken Burns’ Baseball and ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries like Jordan Rides the Bus and Catching Hell. We haven’t really seen a humorous non-fictional baseball film, but I have high hopes that Will Ferrell’s upcoming film “Ferrell Takes the Field” will break that streak. Check out the trailer below:

While Will isn’t the first celebrity to dip his toes into spring training baseball (see: Michael Jordan, Garth Brooks), at least Ferrell’s stunt was for a single day. Over the course of a single day during the MLB pre-season, Ferrell traveled to five different spring training ballparks in Arizona, playing on both sides during each game to total ten overall teams that day. While he auctioned off the game-worn memorabilia for charity, his escapades were also recorded and will debut on HBO in September as the Major League Baseball season hits a fevered pitch. And really, for a guy who did both a Kevin Hart comedy AND a made-for-TV Lifetime movie, is a baseball documentary that strange of a move?

What do you think of “Ferrell Takes the Field?” Are you enough of a Ferrell (or baseball) fan to catch this game?

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