Cape Crisis #148 – The Magic Mike Gambit


Henry, Chris, Dave, and Brett reconvene to talk about Magic Mike and Gambit problems, Dave enjoying his homework, Henry’s newest super love, fantastic Denny’s food, and your spoiler-y answers about Ant-Man…


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Cape Crisis #148 Question: Who would you recast as Gambit if Channing Tatum leaves?

12 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #148 – The Magic Mike Gambit

  1. In general I’m kind of confused as to why there’d be a Gambit solo movie, and why he’d be introduced in said movie. However, Channing Tatum gave me some hope for it, and if he’s actually gone then I don’t think they should continue with the film.

    However, Gambit should absolutely be a part of this universe and it’s stupid that they’ve failed that so far. Then again, even if he does show up I feel like we won’t see him paired with Rogue despite the new timeline and all.

  2. Well I guess I have to watch the Magic Mike movies now, Henry and Brett have really sold these films to me. Also I’m loving the Dave’s Homework segment I’ve been hearing more about some older books that have not been mentioned on the show before.

    1. FWIW I’ve never seen the first one, and based on what I’ve heard about it, it’s quite different. The second is pretty fun and fast with minimal “movie drama,” while the first advertises itself as a man-meat movie and then is a hefty dose of drama / story.

      Basically saying you don’t have to see the first to enjoy the second!

  3. He may be a tad young, but I like the idea of Daniel Radcliffe as Gambit.

    Also, who really cares if we change Gambit’s gender, how about frenchie Léa Seydoux in the role?

  4. I feel like you should spend a little more time discussing Dave’s homework assignments. The last few weeks its been a very short discussion after reading it. What’s the point of having him read something, if you literally spend 1 minute (this week it was more like 30 seconds) discussing it?

  5. Yeah, GameStop is doing the same thing Barnes and Noble is doing. They’re becoming toy stores and selling pop figures and shirts more than games or books because you can’t pirate an action figure. I work at B&N and it sucks to see the place turn into a Batman figure store.

  6. You’re trying to discuss recasting of Gambit, and all you can think of are wrestlers?

    Guys. It’s ok. It’s ok to admit you have a problem. It’s ok to ask for help.

  7. QOTW:

    I think Liam Hemsworth could possibly pull it off and he doesn’t have the pull of his brother, so he’s cheap.

    If we were going dream casting I would go for a 90’s Era Antonio Bandaras, who I really think has the swagger to pull off the cocky creole theif.

  8. I’m loving the Dave’s Homework segment but to second OtterPopAfterBirth’s comment I think you guys should dedicate more time to the discussion of the books he reads each week. I recently read Punk Rock Jesus so I was excited to hear Dave would be reading it last week, but I was really disappointed when Henry changed topics after less than a minute of talking about it. It would give me more motivation to read along with him to know you would be discussing it for at least a few minutes each show.

  9. The song played in Ant-Man wasn’t Disintegration, it was Plainsong which is the first track on the album Disintegration.

    I think Yellow Jacket says something like ‘I will disintegrate you’ to get the song to play on the phone. Even though Yellow Jackets in-combat dialogue felt like it was ripped from some PS2 era game boss fight taunts, I was willing to let it slide just because The Cure was referenced.

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