Ray Donovan: The Best of Mickey Donovan

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Showtime’s Ray Donovan wants so hard to ride the coattails of The Sopranos. On a surface level, the comparison works. Both shows feature a crime family, with the lead doing nasty things as he attempts to straighten out his ways — just swap mob motifs for Bostonian charm and Los Angeles glitz, as Ray covers up the problems of the rich and powerful.

The best part? Jon Voight as Mickey, Ray’s fresh-out-of-prison father. Watch this video to find out what makes him so great.

Video and article by contributor Robert Beach.

2 thoughts on “Ray Donovan: The Best of Mickey Donovan

  1. I gotta watch RAY DONOVAN now. Also, your juxtaposition makes Mickey seem like the most batshit insane horndog ever. Good work.

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