Monday Night Movie: August 2015 Schedule


See what’s in store, and let’s pick what movie we all stream for free. And your chance to pick which movie is FREE for all. VOTE OR DIE!

Ya’ll heard about the Monday Night Movie? It’s the new Laser Time weekly feature where we watch a moviw with you, or vice versa, and we’ve done it for free with Terminator 2 and Back to the Future. After that, we’ve kept it exclusive to Patreon donors at the $5 level, because in all fairness, they’re the one’s making this all possible. Here’s August’s schedule below, but keep reading! I’d like to talk about something. Here’s a previous MTM sample: Back to the Future!

It’s simple. You find your own copy of the movie (Netflix, Amazon, Bit Torrent, whatever), we sync our viewing time table with yours, BANG: We all watch a movie, good or bad, together. Better still, we all chime in together, not unlike how the world streams those goddamn vidjagames. The best experience I’ve had so far was Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. I hate that fucking movie. Those were 2+ hours I was absolutely dreading. But of course, I knew it was mandatory viewing before Episode VII… so why not watch it with my friends? Watching it with Monday Night Movies was fucking transcendent. Obviously, I was reminded of why it sucks so very hard, but more importantly, I didn’t stop smiling the entire time.

And it’s that kind of experience I don’t want to leave locked exclusively behind a paywall. Obviously, we’d like to entice you donate to our Patreon. It helps us eat, keep up our hosting, and keep our A/V equipment up to date, among other things. I thought it would be encouraging to show non-Patrons what we’re up to this month, but also to offer up ONE MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE FREE this month. Just the live video stream, just to see what it’s like. And since August is giving us more Monday’s than ever, why not now?!

Without further adieu, here’s August’s Monday Night Movie schedule. (Generally we begin each film somewhere between 6-6:30PM Pacific Time. An MP3 commentary is later made available to Patreon donors.)



You think this year’s Fantastic Four is a shitshow? Yeah, well… that looks to be the case, but the 2005 version was pretty shitty too. This MTM has already concluded so you can’t really participate, however, the MP3 commentary is available forever for Patrons at the $5 level.




We wanted to give higher-level Patrons to pick which film we watch, and we’re launching that feature in August. So far it looks like a three way race between They Live (RIP Roddy Piper), Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (Happy 30th Anniversary P-Dub!), and Mission Impossible 1 (happy belated 20th, the new M:I is apparently pretty good, it’s on Netflix so it’s an easy find.) We’ll see how this shakes out. Either way, don’t worry about it, this is not what you’re voting on and I must remain impartial… GO PEE-WEE HERMAN!



Happy Birthday, MK! Yes, this wonderful indie Outworldian love story… I’m sorry, it’s been two decades an I have literally no recollection of a single thing that happens in this film I think I remember Goro… or maybe the Highlander playing Raiden? Whatever, let’s all catch up together.



Happy 20th Anniversary, bigscreen Morphin Time! As some of you remember from our Power Rangers Rip-offs episode, the Power Rangers, as we westerners know them, consisted of largely Japanese Super Sentai Something costumed footage incorporated with newly shot English speaking scenes set in Angel Grove. However, the Power Rangers phenomenon was so massive, a movie had to be made and this was Hollywood’s first shot at directing the Mighty Morphin action. If I remember correctly, the result is far more embarrassing than what Japan pulled off with a modest television budget and I cannot wait to revisit this thing.



Each month before the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens the Monday Night Movie is dedicated to showing a Star Wars movie. Again, I haven’t watched the prequels in year and there’s been talk that Clones might hold up even worse than Phantom Menace. I hope that’s not the case, but it’s important to be thorough when preparing for Ep 7, so with Ep 1 & 2 out of the way, at least it’s much smoother sailing from then on.

There you have it. So the big question is:


Answer in the comments below. The one with the most votes we’ll stream LIVE this August for everyone, with or without Patreon. Love ya!

22 thoughts on “Monday Night Movie: August 2015 Schedule

  1. I nominate MORTAL KOMBAT for the free film since everyone should see that if they haven’t yet. It’s required viewing if you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat or action movies, and despite the games’ most well-known aspect being severely toned down (namely, the violence), it’s still one of the best game-to-film adaptations that exists. Sure, the soundtrack is extremely nineties, the CGI is terrible, and it was made by the worst director ever according to Chris, but let’s at least give Paul W.S. Anderson his due for this and Event Horizon before he made ruining his wife’s credibility his full-time career. I just think we need a decent example of a game movie because I still haven’t recovered from the pile of fungus that was Super Mario Bros.

  2. don’t ever ask me which movie to watch, because I’ll just keep saying Samurai Cop.
    congrats on the patreon chugging along so well. Hope it’s been fun for you guys, must be a lot of work. spent all day catching up on commentaries while cleaning my apartment. best $5 I ever spent

  3. Everyone needs to experience Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure with the LT crew! Regardless, looking forward to this month’s movie commentaries!

  4. I vote for Mission Impossible I, mainly because I bet that movie is dated as fuck. Also, I don’t think I have watched it this decade.

  5. I had no idea that my birthday fell on a Monday this year. Thanks for letting me know. I’d also like to point out that if there’s going to be a vote, don’t make it a farce by locking in your preference after only six replies, all of which chose different films. My vote would have gone
    to either one of the Paul Blart: Mall Cop movies, in case you cared.

    1. Actually, it seems the current vote for which film will be free will go on for at least until tomorrow. The vote that’s already been decided was the one for Pee-Wee next Monday by the $10 donors. Hope that clarifies matters!

      1. Look at me be a goof. This probably wouldn’t have confused me as much if I was an actual backer. Thanks for the explanation.

  6. Confession time – I havent seen Episodes 2 and 3 of the of the star wars prequels, i fucking hated episode 1 sooooo much that ive never even bothered with the next 2. Rewatching it with you guys made me realize that its even worse than i remember and i’m actively dreading watching them now…

  7. I say Power Rangers just because of A: my nostalgia and B: I do think you guys can make a good commentary for that movie

    As someone who watched power rangers well into high school and is a current fan of other super sentai shows, I hope this movie inspires some fun talk

  8. Interesting. I have no idea what Pee-Wee is aside from what I’ve learned via osmosis from listening to Laser Time and stuff.

  9. I’m just gonna throw this out there…Ghost Dad. There…I said it! Can’t wait for Pee Wee tomorrow. I think the secret word of the day is going to be…..PATREON!!!

  10. I’m super excited for all of these, except one.
    one of these i literally got up and left the theatre to use the bathroom halfway through the movie debated not coming back and then quietly took my seat next to my friend without asking if I had missed anything. I didn’t care. I was suffering from Stockholm syndrome. I can’t go back. it’s forever out of my life. I couldn’t join y’all for the first one, it was just too traumatic.

  11. A little bummed out that MI didn’t win as this would be the perfect time to check it out while the new movie is fresh in everyone’s brain, however I am excited to watch PeeWee with the rest of the LT crew. Here’s hoping they do MI at a later date!

  12. Mortal Kombat, the new game was out just a while ago and ‘for the younger listeners’ they may not have seen it.

  13. REMINDER: You are not voting here on WHAT movie we stream, you are voting on WHICH MOVIE of these 5 (well, 3 now) we’ll stream for FREE. Patreon Peeps get to pick the films, but I wanted to make sure non-Patrons could get in on the fun occasionally

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