HBO’s Westworld: Where Nothing Can Possiblie Go Wrong


This new Michael Crichton adaptation is shinier than ’70s original, but looks just as violent and sexy…

Hi all, Henry here, host of Cape Crisis, beneficiary of the Laser Time Patreon, and avid watcher of the Simpsons. Remember when Bart is being chased by Skinner like “some sort of … non … giving up … school guy?” Or when robots went wild at Itchy & Scratchy Land? Little did I know at the time that both were inspired by the heavily underrated Sci-Fi film, Westworld. This movie, written and directed by Michael Crichton is so nuts it features Yul Brynner playing a killer android version of himself! Watch the original 1973 trailer…

God damn, do I love that crazy movie of the Disneyland of the future with guns, sex, Roman gladiators, and self aware robots. In fact, there’s more than a little of the unstoppable Brynner-bot in guys like the Terminator, and when Jurassic Park first came out, some alleged that Crichton was ripping himself off with another theme park gone awry plot. That’s how influential Westworld is despite many having never heard of it. But I have a feeling that’s changing now that the hype train has started for HBO’s remake.

Coming next year, this reimagining is executive produced by newcomer J.J. Abrams, and stars the likes of Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, and Anthony Hopkins. Based on how little he did in the Thor films, I’m betting Hopkins will die by about, oh, let’s say episode 4. The trailer looks to focus more on the pleasure robots than the killers, though we do get a quick shot of them. And honestly, I’m just as interested in their journey to self-awareness and realizing they tire of pleasuring rich vacationer for free – though I half expect HBO is mainly doing it so they can add a bit more sexuality to the story. I’m also looking forward to seeing the creation of the AI, and who the equivalent of Yul Brynner is in this version, unless HBO just paid to use his likeness on a CG model, which I’m also fine with.

Who knows how it’ll last more than one season once the robots decide to stop following orders, but I’m sure that’ll go fine. If J.J. Abrams knows one thing, it’s how to craft a satisfying, long-running Sci-Fi series that ends well over a six season run. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and watch the original. Look, I even found this helpful link to Amazon!

5 thoughts on “HBO’s Westworld: Where Nothing Can Possiblie Go Wrong

  1. Ever since I heard that John Carpenter based the character Michael Myers on the killer in WestWorld, I have wanted to see it; as far as I can tell its still not streaming on any service thou. This may be the year I finally just bite the “Bullet” and purchase it so I can get ready for this new show that looks amazing! Most excited for Anthony Hopkins because the world taken him for granted (Red 2 didnt help) and has been sleeping on him as an actor for too many years now.

  2. Josh Henry I sure hope you meant Anthony Hopkins’ Character will be die four episodes in!

    Also I’m sure they wouldn’t want to go the Terminator: Salvation route of recasting their iconic killer robot with a CG Puppet, a new actor will do just find. Maybe ad a little mystery to who it will be?

  3. So, I love the original movie. If you haven’t seen it, but you love Jurassic Park, just go and buy it off Amazon; it’s practically the same movie.

    I had hoped they would remake this for a long time. In the early 2000s, there was a rumor that a movie version would unite Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the three main characters (Arnold as the bad guy, of course), and I so hoped that would come to be, but it was hung out to dry when Arnold became Governor.

    I hope this is good, but I have a feeling JJ Abrams might try just a little too hard and turn it into a macguffin machine of pointless mysteries and unsolved riddles.

  4. I love the original Westworld. And next time you watch it, pretend James Brolin is a time travelling Christian Bale. It’s uncanny.

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