Deadwood May Return To HBO For An Overdue, Profane Finale


Those fuckers at HBO may finally get their shit together by making this God damned TV movie a fucking reality…

Hi all, Henry here, host of Cape Crisis, beneficiary of the Laser Time Patreon, and someone who is sick of my favorite dramas not getting their due. As everyone talks up how “edgy” Game of Thrones is, or how Mad Men had such strong performances, or how Lost is actually a good show, I was part of the lonely group of Deadwood fans that many never listened to. The series was a terse western featuring conversations written by a foulmouthed Shakespeare in the form of series creator David Milch. Deadwood had three heavily underrated seasons on HBO before getting cancelled with no real finale, despite having some of the best dialogue and acting to ever grace the small screen. And now, after close to a decade of waiting, it seems as if the series might get the proper finale that’s way, WAY overdue.

After a tweet from Deadwood cast member Garret Dillahunt talked of credible Deadwood rumors, HBO confirmed to /Film that early negotiations for a TV movie that’d finally give closure to the series, years after talk of a lengthy TV movie to close out the story fizzled out. That we exist in a world where Entourage got five mediocre seasons and an unnecessary film while Deadwood is left to rot is too grave an injustice for me, and I’m holding on to my hoopleheaded hope that the planned finale will come together this time around. Hell, just reuse the set from your Westworld show if need be. I demand closure!

Why do I love this show so much when it seems to star no one famous or under the age of 40, is a western where people rarely shoot guns, and where every other word said is “cocksucker”? Well, because it’s dialogue is like music to my ears, with dense turns of phrase and wit buried underneath profanity that is nothing short of brilliant. David Milch and his writers work would be incredible as simple prose, but when read with the intensity and sharp tongue of Ian McShane, they become something even more powerful.

Al Sweargen is like the saloon owning, knife-wielding, intense father figure you never had, and the role elevated McShane out of obscurity in the US, as America realized his brilliance. But he’s merely the best example of how Deadwood filled its cast with underappreciated actors and gave them the kind of meaty rolls they’d been denied their whole careers. When you see William Sanderson as E.B. Farnum. Robin Weigart as Calamity Jane, or Dayton Callie as Charlie Utter, you wonder why every other filmmaker wastes their talents. Damn near everyone on the show gets at least a few great scenes to show what they can do when given more than four lines to say. If nothing else, some new Deadwood would give these underrated folks a chance to shine again.

I just hope HBO picks up the pace, because guys like Powers Boothe aren’t getting any younger. Nor is series creator David Milch for that matter. So it’s high time that HBO got off its heathen ass and stopped being a pain in my balls, and got to making this cocksucking fantasy a reality! … Sorry about that… After watching enough Deadwood clips, it’s hard to resist writing in a similar style.

If you’ve yet to see the show, it’s high time you caught up with the mere 30 episodes HBO produced. One of the easiest ways is streaming, like, say, on Amazon Prime, which you can sign up for via that link and help out Laser Time at no extra cost. Or watch it on HBO Go, if you’re in possession of that password. For now, check out another of the few embeddable highlight reels of Deadwood and join me in praying to whatever antler-headed Pagan god you believe in that the Deadwood movie comes to be.

5 thoughts on “Deadwood May Return To HBO For An Overdue, Profane Finale

  1. Always heard really good things about this show, but never bothered to start since I heard the ending was unsatisfying… Maybe after I finish The Leftovers.

  2. I have never watched Deadwood, even though literally everyone I know reckons I’d love it- largely because it had no real ending, and I’m sick of that shit. Was gonna start ANYWAY this wekend, but if there’s an ending coming? I’ll hold off and cane the motherfucker all in one go. Like TV SHOULD be! (Possibly…)

  3. Oooooooooh I am so fucking excited. I really, really hope this gets made. I’ve watched the original series 3 times. Deadwood was THE reason I will take a movie, no matter how bad it looks, into consideration as long as it has Ian Mcshane.

  4. Didn’t Entourage get eight seasons? Or, when you said “five mediocre seasons” are you saying that only five out of these eight seasons were mediocre?

  5. Many years ago, I burned through the first season but lost interest in the middle of second. It was only until recently that I finally finished it. I think it loses steam towards the end of the series. Maybe that’s why I never really minded that the series didn’t have a proper ending. But I do think highly of any actor that was in the series and will always associate them with their role from Deadwood.

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