Inside Out Gets A Follow-Up In This Tease Of “Riley’s First Date?”


Wipe away those tears and get ready for more emotional adventures, fo sheezey…

This is Henry Gilbert. I host the comic book podcast Cape Crisis, am part of the Laser Time Patreon, and I think I’ve just about recovered from Inside Out. The film is Pixar’s best in years, and the tale of the emotions that control the life of 11-year-old Riley basically took my heart and tore it to ribbons, only to stitch it back together again, better than before. And now, with the Blu-ray release a few months away, we’re getting our first ever sneak peek at one of the new Inside Out adventures that’ll come packaged with the film. Here’s the warmly funny first look at “Riley’s First Date?”…

So, now that Riley’s 12, it looks like she is making new connections in San Francisco, including a friend who’s a boy. But is he a boyfriend? Does Riley like him, or like-like him? Has that boy relaxed some since he freaked out in his brief appearance at the end of the theatrical cut of the film? And can Disgust ever recover from hearing Riley’s mom say “fo sheezy?” These are all questions I want answered RIGHT NOW, not when the Inside Out Blu-ray arrives in November – though I could get see this a few weeks earlier if I got the digital version. Argh, my emotions can take the anticipation!

To try and pass the time a little but, I’ll just watch these extra bits and bobs of Inside Out footage Disney released in the run up to the film. These are all worth a nice chuckle instead of the bucket of tears that the film extracted from me, and if you’ve yet to see them, now is the time.

Nice, right? So, how excited are you for more Inside Out in a few months? I want to read all about it in the comments! But if you’re answer is “I’m not excited at all for Inside Out,” then I don’t want to know you.

6 thoughts on “Inside Out Gets A Follow-Up In This Tease Of “Riley’s First Date?”

  1. Theses shorts combined with the Toy Story ones really make me want Pixar to try their hand at television.

  2. “Fo sheezey”? Oh Hank you’re adorable, my heart is too hardened for cute Pixar movies, however my wife and I are on the adoption circuit and looking at a daughter so maybe I’ll pocket this Bluray for future reference, I never heard of this movie thanks for exposing it.

  3. I went with my kid to see Inside Out and no other film has given me so many gut punches and yet always picked me back up again. I’m glad to see Pixar hasn’t lost their touch.

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