Slamtastic Four Review! Denny’s Fantastic Four Menu Thoroughly Examined

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Fox didn’t do so well with the Fantastic Four. Now it’s time to see if Denny’s can do better…

Out of pure professional obligation, we went to see Fantastic Four last week, and damn if we didn’t emerge sad and broken people. We’ve got an extended chat on said fantastic debacle on this week’s Cape Crisis (with special guest Phil Kollar!), so we figured instead of dog-piling on a still simmering turd with a traditional review, we would channel our anger into something arguably more insidious — the Denny’s Slamtastic Four menu. The results were not much better:

FULL DISCLOSUREDenny’s did not provide Laser Time with any meals for review, nor did the reviewers receive preferential treatment. We neglected to try the Fantastic Four Cheese Omelet and the Doctor Doom Lava Cake, so this review applies expressly to The Thing Burger, Invisible Woman Slam, and the Human Torch Skillet. Instead of a numerical score, satisfaction was measured in the weight of resulting diarrhea. 

Video edited by LaserTony.

26 thoughts on “Slamtastic Four Review! Denny’s Fantastic Four Menu Thoroughly Examined

  1. I’m not gonna lie, that food looks disgusting, I’m surprised to hear you say you liked the 2005 FF movie better. But it does have Chris Evan’s in it so I guess I can’t argue 🙂

  2. Well (before having watched it), I’m glad you guys have tried this disgusting crap so that hopefully no one else has to. The food can’t be as shitty as the movie right?

  3. This was great guys, I’ve always been fascinated by gimmicky food on especially ones in america, you guys seem to get them alot more than we do and what way to first experience denny’s. i hope this becomes a regular thing when it comes to pop culture inspired food stuff.

  4. Wow. Your editing skills have gotten really good Chris. Keep up the Fantastic work!

    Funny story, I went to Denny’s for the first time the other day because my parents were in town and they had never been before. I ordered one of the featured meals but I honestly don’t remember which one it was. What I do remember is the quick drive home because my ass was ready to unleash doom all over my parents nice car.

    Even with the diarrhea, it was still a better experience than watching the movie. (Yes, I’m still upset)

    1. I wouldn’t mind eating Michael B. Jordan’s human torch sausage Heyo! “Where’s Wallace?” In my mouth that’s where”…I’ll see myself out

  5. Looked pretty okay to me! I have a pretty high tolerance for crap fast food and greasy diner garbage, though.

  6. This dennys place looks weird i cant really think of an english eqivalent, like why would I want to sit down for an hour to work through a human torch themed skillet? Anyway always enjoy seeing the Laser Team out and about, some more great editing from Tony as well keep it up!

  7. Wait, so Henry gives the Invisible WOMAN Slam the highest score out of the three items they ordered? I smell COLLUSION

  8. Great review guys, at least the “Thing” burger had things in it I guess, but at least it was better than the Daredevil themed days at Denny’s, when they’d let blind cooks and waiters serve you food, injuries and burns.

  9. You all sacrificed the sanctity of your assholes for our entertainment. And for that, I thank you.

    Love seeing you guys on camera – you’re natural entertainers whether it’s audio, video, or written!

  10. Great pilot for the “Lase-Timestic Three,” guys! Next time, the trio heads to White Castle where they encounter Doom in their colons.

  11. This was great. I watched it several times and even had my wife watch it with me. She was sure all the meals totaled $28, but I said in San Francisco is was probably double that. Could you confirm the total bill?

  12. this reminded me of Jerry Seinfeld’s show, only missing the travel banter. would be cool to see you guys on BART or trolley (if that’s a thing?). Really funny! Thank you!

  13. That Thing Burger looks ok and the Invisible Woman slam looks like an average Breakfast. I’m not surprised that the skillet gave you the shits Chris. I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.

  14. I think this is my new favorite LaserTime video thing (sorry Japan videos).

    BTW wouldn’t it have been at least a little clever if the Invisible Woman was a shake made out of clear soda?

  15. I feel like Pepsi missed an opportunity to bring back Crystal Clear Pepsi and tie it in like Denny’s did. Invisible Woman’s Invisible Pepsi. Mountain Dew could be renamed Thing-Piss.

  16. Not gonna lie the thing burger is totally something I’d eat, might stop bye with the fam this weekend and give it a try with a side of curly fries and ranch or just a salad depending on how I feel that day.

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