Vidjagame Apocalypse 125 – Super Secret Endings


They may not be canon and they may not always be happy, but few hidden extras are quite as satisfying to find as secret endings – and this week, we count down five of our favorites. Then it’s on to our reactions to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, some feigned shock at Halo 5’s Teen rating, and our first-ever sing-along community segment, with lyrics YOU assigned to game music.

Question of the Week

What’s the first game you remember getting bored by? (It doesn’t count if it was after you’d finished it once.)




Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is 11 Months by Never Stop Failing. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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15 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 125 – Super Secret Endings

  1. Qotw: lords of shadow 2, I honestly enjoyed the demo more then the full game. I stuck it through to the end in the hopes of it getting better but for me personally it couldn’t live up to the first game on all aspects.

  2. I’m soory (so soory), but man did I grow tired of Assasin Creed Unity. It isn’t that I want to shit on ubisoft or the ass creed franchise (In fact, Im having a “whale” of a time with Black Flag [heh, git it? Because you hunt whales and, ah, forget it]). In fact, I didn’t even grow tired of it because of its nany, infamous bugs and tech. problems, as I experienced very few. But about halfway through the game I realized that I just wasn’t having any fun, nor did I really care about any characters or where the story was headed.

  3. QotW:

    When I got my NES, I got 3 games, the SMB/Duck Hunt pack in cart, Castlevania and because I was obsessed with Ghostbusters at the time, my mom and dad bought me the Ghostbusters game. I expected some sort of great sidescroller busting and trapping weird looking ghosts. Instead I got a weird resource management game where for some reason the Ghostbusters have to purchase their equipment and constantly have to worry about the Ecto 1 running out of gas. Once I got to Dana Barrett’s apartment building and had to climb to the top, controlling all 4 Ghostbusters at once while avoiding generic looking ghosts, I was bored. As an adult, I saw the ending on YouTube: “Conglaturation. You have completed a great game and prooved the justice of our country. Now go and rest, our hero.”

    I finally got the Ghostbusters game I dreamed of in 2009.

  4. QOTW:

    When I was a kid, the first home console I ever had was a Sega Saturn. I was a PC kid for most of my life, but I was a huge Genesis fan thanks to my uncle and my neighbor both having Genesises (Genesi?). My loving parents bought me and my brother a Saturn with NHL Powerplay, Virtua Cop 2, Sonic 3D Blast, and Virtua Fighter. I was so excited to play 3D Blast, I popped it in first, got to the 3rd world and got so bored. You had to collect birds to progress through the levels. It was a hide a seek game. This might also be the first time as a child I realized a game was bad.

  5. OHMYGAWD YES! the community segment was AMAZING! i loved hearing you guys do the songs. so great!
    Chris, really does have some really good improv skills.

  6. QOTW: The Hulk game based on the Ang Lee movie. I found that the only way in some instances to get past some of the parts of the game is to jump and then slam on the ground. This especially got tedious when facing what I believe to be the game’s version of the Abomination and the Leech guy. I tried that battle a few times only to find myself bored and just sick of it. I have never gone back to it since.

  7. Qotw: Feel free to crucify me for this, but I have never enjoyed playing GTA, starting with 3. I felt frustrated at how large the scape it was (at the time), and ever since, I have written off the entire series.

  8. Swordquest for the Atari 2600. As a kid, all I remember is blundering from screen to screen wondering what the heck I was supposed to do. Little did I know that this unfinished series was actually a contest to see who could find all the clues (which involved looking at a comic book included with the game) and submit their answer to Atari for the chance to compete for an actual real life prize. Looking back I have to admit that this sounds pretty cool, but as a kid, I just found this to be incredibly boring and went back to playing “Yars’ Revenge” and “Warlords”.


    “Atari planned four interrelated Swordquest games, one each based on earth, fire, water, and air. The company intended that playing all four games would be necessary to win the final prize.[1] Each had essentially the same gameplay: Logic puzzle adventure style gaming interspersed with arcade style action gaming. The character wanders through each screen, picking up and dropping items, playing simplified variants of current ‘twitch’ games of the time between screens. If the correct items are placed in a room, a clue shows up, pointing the player to a page and panel in the comic book included with the game. There, the player would find a word that was hidden in that panel. If the player found all five, or in the case of Waterworld, four, correct clues, amongst all the hidden words (hinted by a hidden clue in the comic), they could send the sentence to Atari and have a chance to compete in the finals and win a prize. During the playoff, which ran on special versions of the games, the person who managed to find the most clues within 90 minutes would be considered the winner. The winners of the four game contests would go on to a final competition where they would compete for a sword valued at $50,000. However, only two of the competitions actually took place before Atari cancelled the contest in 1983.”

  9. QOTW:

    Beyond Good & Evil.

    I tracked down a PS2 copy one summer in college when I free time and disposable income. I believe I made it through the first dungeon? It didn’t engage me. The action was floppy. The hoverboating was loose and meaningless. Maybe it was overhyped as an underrated gem that didn’t get its day in the sun? What I discovered upon playing it was a distinct, European understanding of Zelda’s game structure without the proper action-snap to bind the elements together. While I credit to Ubisoft for the attempt, and I know it likely inspired a lot of people to seek out and champion cult classics, Beyond Good & Evil is not an exciting game. Competent character-building and a unique world aesthetic only takes you so far.

  10. Game I grew tired of:

    Final Fantasy 7. I’ve played final fantasy 1-12 and 7 is the only one I’ve yet to complete. It’s like clockwork I stop right when I get to disc 4. I would play the game and enjoy all of it until I hit disc 4 then would put the controller down and never continue. I’ve attempted to complete this game at least 3 times and every time I stop at the same spot. I don’t know what it is about the game but at some point I just stray and never come back. Maybe it’s the amount of time I’ve put in and getting burnt out. Maybe because it’s my least favorite. Perhaps it’s because I feel it’s overrated. I don’t know but I still look over at it once in a while when i feel like getting into an old rpg again and “maybe this time will be different.” At this point in my life between work, school, and we’ll life I don’t have the time to spare anymore. In my collection FF7 will probably be the only one I’ll never complete.

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