WWE’s Stardust Gets A Dotflist Theme Song That Must Be Heard


One of Laser Time’s favorite songwriters has gone into wrestling themes, and you’ve got to hear it…

Hi all, Henry here, host of Cape Crisis, beneficiary of the Laser Time Patreon, and a big fan of singer/songwriter Dotflist (a.k.a. Hotdad). In fact, everyone at Laser Time are fans of his smooth rewrites of TV theme songs, from True Detective to Doug. Now, perhaps spurred on by a request from an occasional Laser Time guest, Dotflist has now spread his rewriting love to pro wrestling, with this new theme for WWE’s spacey supervillain, Stardust. Give a listen…

Stardust-dust, Stardust, Stardust… Real catchy. I’m hoping this will lead to Dotflist doing a whole new album of songs based on wrestling themes. What could he do with sports entertainers like John Cena? Or Big Show? Or even classic acts like Randy Savage or Undertaker? If you ask me, it’s a whole new creative avenue for him.

Hell, maybe this will even go viral enough that Stardust himself will make it his entrance music. The spacey oddball is about to be in his biggest plot in some time, with Stardust facing Arrow star Steve Ammell at SummerSlam. Here’s how it went down on Raw this week…

In the meantime, if you want to hear more of Dotflist’s work and support the rad shit he does, check out Hotdad’s Bandcamp page to grab the dozens of songs at whatever price you find reasonable. I’ve listened to these over and over again – they make great background for writing. I’ll leave you with one of my personal favorites. Honestly, this has completely erased the original Are You Afraid of The Dark? theme song in my memory. See if it does the same for you.

One thought on “WWE’s Stardust Gets A Dotflist Theme Song That Must Be Heard

  1. Can’t wait for the Ziggler song but will Dotflist be creating themes for wrestlers of past eras? Surfer Sting seems perfect for their style.

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