Norm Macdonald as Colonel Sanders will make you enjoy KFC commercials


Norm Macdonald is now playing iconic fast food pitchman Colonel Sanders, seemingly replacing Darrell Hammond. Read on for more about Norm’s weird interpretation of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s spokesman.

With the late night talk show landscape locked down for the next two decades and SNL seemingly fine with having the dullest Weekend Update duo in history, we have to look somewhere for the drama of hired and fired high-profile comedians. It turns out the new world of intrigue is… fast food commercials, as Norm Macdonald seems to have replaced fellow Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond as the face of the fried chicken franchise only months after Hammond took on the role. Here’s one of Norm’s first ads.

On the surface, this isn’t as weird as it would have sounded some fifteen years ago when both were near the upper echelon of comedy. Norm has softened quite a bit this year whether it be crying on David Letterman or encouraging young comedians as a judge on the reality competition Last Comic Standing. Darrell Hammond’s turn as Colonel Sanders was a bit understated (I for one didn’t recognize him the first few times his ads aired), which is a dirty word when it comes to fast food TV commercials. Plus, given his long-term gig replacing the late Don Pardo as SNL’s announcer and the potential to reprise Bill Clinton often during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, there shouldn’t be much reason to worry.

Still, the fact that Hammond’s interpretation is mentioned and even shown during Norm’s ads (where he hilariously keeps his deadpan delivery going for most of the commercial before settling into an terrible southern drawl as he dresses) makes me think the two comedic legends will go toe to toe during an upcoming commercial spot. I know that the NFL season hasn’t even started yet, but I kinda can’t wait for the Super Bowl now. You can see the potential for a confrontation brewing below.

You can see a few more (less funny) ads on Colonel Sanders’ YouTube page, because of course Colonel Sanders has a YouTube account in this day and age. What do you think of Norm’s take on the Colonel? Do either of them match up to Spaceballs’ Colonel Sanders? Sound off in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Norm Macdonald as Colonel Sanders will make you enjoy KFC commercials

  1. I love Norm Macdonald. The only thing I can’t understand about him is how he thinks Jay Leno is one of the greatest stand ups of all time. I don’t get it. I watched a bunch of Leno Stand up, from his early days to his prime, and it’s abysmally safe and unfunny.

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