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IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’S… legacy of mostly failed films! With the possible exception of Dragonball Z, no other TV show has spawned as many movies as SNL. How do they hold up? Oh, you’ll just have to listen…


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32 thoughts on “Laser Time – SNL Movies

  1. Wayne’s World was a big moment in my life. I saw that, T2 and Jurassic Park on the same day as am5 year old. Jurassic Park didn’t take but WW and T2 created a love of Rock Music, action movies and comedies that has defined me ever since. Also WW2 introduced me to Aerosmith and not only am I in love with their 70s, late 80s and early 90s albums but the videos for Get a Grip made LIttle kid me subconsciously crush on Alicia Silverstone which then made me a fan of Batman and comic books overall. So SNL movies have influenced me quite a lot,

  2. Coneheads is overall my favorite SNL movie. It reminds me of a classic Simpsons era episodes – solid storytelling and heart meet great performances, great jokes, and great guest stars. We have director Steve Baron to thank for this, the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and three classic music videos – Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, A-ha’s Take on Me, and Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing. While the effects of the ending might be dated, I love that they go full science fiction and show us the Conehead homeworld complete with a Ray Harryhausen monster, which calls back to Baron’s work with animation in music videos.

  3. You know, I saw The Ladies Man once. It was back when it came out in theaters, fifteen years ago. I think I actually fell asleep for a minute, and I don’t remember much overall, but I do remember Julianne Moore as a sex crazy clown. So it has that going for it, because lots of movies don’t even have sex crazy clowns, let alone ones played by Oscar winner Julianne Moore.

    1. I agree, and it seems like this episode was recorded a while ago. Then discuss the SNL 40th Anniversy special as if it just aired. I’m always glad that they never date the episodes too much.

  4. I’m one of the dreaded millennials so I was preeetty lost for most of the episode but thank you Chris for defending Waynes World 2, I’m not sure why that movie gets so much flak. I’ve apparently only seen the best 3 SNL movies so not too bad on my part.

  5. Either I am deaf but I think it would be wise to actually introduce the name of the movie instead of just just playing a random clip and referring to it as “this movie”, as happened for a few of them around the middle of the episode

    1. I’ve noticed that a couple of times in previous episodes to and I’m not even one the 90s to millennials that Chris keeps hoping won’t be too lost.

      1. That’s a habit they have in VGA too, they play clips and expect everyone to know what game they’re talking about without saying the name.

    2. They usually say the name eventually, but it is annoying for them to be a few minutes into the conversation before they name anything.

  6. It’s strange that some of these range from “this is a staple of comedy culture of the last 20 years” to “this is worst cinematic taco squirt of the last 20 years”.

  7. Great episode. This really makes me want to revisit Wayne’s World. That has to be a Monday Night Movie before year end.

  8. Hank, Mike Myers hasn’t made any more terrible shit than Chris Farley, Dana Carvey or any of the SNL alum you love. Check out some of the movies Phil Hartman made before he died. Jingle All the Way? HOUSE GUEST!? And none of those movies are half as quotable as even The Love Guru.

    But I will say this. I recently rewatched all the Austin Powers movies for the first time as an adult. In my reassessment; 1 is still a classic, 2 is a rehash with a couple of funny scenes and much to my surprised I really enjoyed Goldmember. Watch it again. It doesn’t retread as mch ground as you think and goes to some really interesting places like the whole flashback scene with them as teens and the in-universe movie based on Austin’s life starting Tom Cruise and directed by Steve Spielberg. And it gets back to the spy parody stuff, pulling the most from You Only Live Twice, my favorite Connery Bond movie.

    1. I actually agree- Goldmember is hated on unfairly due to audience fatigue for Mike Myers (and the fact that AP 2 wasn’t very good). AP 1 is still great, but I rewatch Goldmember more often because of the homages it has to movies, and because of the high amount of musical numbers.

  9. I watched Wayne’s World 2 for the first time a few months ago, but I really liked the first one when it came out. 2 has almost nothing to offer kids who don’t know all the references to contemporary commercials and movies and stuff. It’s exactly aimed at people my age, the way Dreamworks movies are filled with pop culture that won’t matter to anyone too old or too young. The first one was way better at being a movie than just being a spoof.

  10. From what I remember I never saw SNL on UK TV over here, not even in sanitation like other american shows. so I never grew up watching any of it. I’m aware of some of the skits, thanks to the power of the interwebs. I got around watching a couple of episodes a couple of years ago and didnt see what the fuss was about, even most of the SNL movies I never seemed to like, some had their moments like the EMILLIO! bit from Night at the Roxburry. Blues Brothers is one of my favorites and is pretty timeless in my opinion and waynes world is also probably one of the best SNL movies. I’m with Chris on this one, I prefer two over one. I did watch McGruber but it just wasnt for me.

  11. Noticing in the last couple episodes references to millennials and 90s kids. What exactly is precise definition? I was born in 1986 am I an 80s kid or a 90s kid, am I millennial too? I have heard so many definitions at this point I am really not sure what I am, does anybody?

    1. It really just seems to be a term for “those youngins!” with no proper definition; it’s been used to label people in a range as wide as 1985-2000.

      As far as 80s/90s kid, I have this theory: if you’re born before the fifth year of a decade, you’re that decade’s “kid.” Any more, and you’re that decades “baby.” Example, I’m 22, born in 93. I have plenty of memories of shows, commercials, etc. from the 90s. My brother was born in 96, and he really doesn’t.

      Just two cents from Laser Time’s behind the scenes guy 🙂

      1. Officially, a “Millennial” is anyone born from 1982-2004, according to my searches. The funny thing is I have noticed that millenialism really accelerated if you were born in the 90’s. I was born in the 80’s and as a child, we still had limited television, re-runs of old shit and I know EVERY reference Lasertime throws out due to my high pop-culture knowledge. I also have the same knowledge of programming and I watch Let’s Plays and web content like the “true millenials” have- basically I am the nerd Blade.

  12. Steve Winwood had plenty of soul back in the Spencer Davis Group. By the 80s he was doing wanky Phil Collins shit, but by 2000 he had started doing less schmaltzy stuff (albeit without any commercial success.)

  13. MacGruber came out at the end of my junior year of high school and I saw it on a date opening weekend. No, I did not get any stanky on my hang-down.

  14. I was hoping for a more Ride or Die related topic.

    ALSO Is the site totally borked for anyone else? My topic article is stuck at the Slamtastic 4 Vid?

  15. Thanks for the Julia Sweeney love, Henry. Although I loved her on SNL and *wanted* to love “It’s Pat,” it is basically unwatchable. And I sat through all of “Master of Disguise”!

    Also, if you like “God Said ‘Ha!'”, her other one-woman shows are great, too. “Letting Go of God” is about her journey of losing her religion, and is actually really touching. It’s all on YouTube, so here’s a link to Part 1:

  16. My favorite part of Wayne’s World was the exchange between Benjamin and Garth when Garth is tinkering in the new studio.

    It ends with Garth leering at Benjamin and saying, “We fear change.” Then Garth begins wailing on a crudely-constructed prosthetic cyborg hand with a claw hammer for 15 seconds. Classic!

  17. I’m always months behind on my podcasts, but just wanted to pop in here and say, first, thanks for leaving the comments open until I get around to listening to an episode, and second, excellent episode. Now i just need to find a way to watch It’s Pat and Stuart Saves His Familiy….

  18. Just came back in here to say thank you for recommending The Ladies Man–i think you basically said it’s better than one would expect. I agree. Never saw it (assumed it was awful) and, since the local library didnt have it on file (imagine that) i ordered a copy from ebay (shipped, maybe $6 total) and am laughing my head off. Meadows is funny as all get out, and all the cameos are worth the price of admission alone.

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