WWE 2K16’s Kevin Owens Looks Scary (And A Little Skinnier)


More and more wrasslers are getting confirmed for the next entry in the sports entertainment series, including husky online fave Kevin Owens – though his digital version is a little slimmer…

You all know me, Henry Gilbert, as a mega-nerd of the highest order. I host the comic book podcast Cape Crisis (via the support on the Laser Time Patreon), along with appearing pretty frequently on our wrestling series, Cheap Popcast. I also used to work in the gaming press, and at this time of the year I’d be previewing the newest entry in the long-running WWE 2K franchise. Now I must watch the roster reveals, but that doesn’t mean I can’t judge them all the same. Why, just take a look at Kevin Owens’ first ever in-game appearance in this brand-new video…

Ever since leaving Ring of Honor for the greener pastures of NXT and WWE, Kevin has been doing pretty great, winning the NXT championship and even beating John Cena clean in his first main roster match. And he did it while still keeping the stocky Canadian frame he’s famous for. That look has translated to the WWE 2K games pretty accurately for this year’s release, though I think 2K’s version of KO looks about 30 pounds lighter. Oh well, they got his tattoos right, and as long as I can modify his moveset to include a package piledriver, I’m cool with this.

Along with Owens, a number of new arrivals were recently confirmed for the game, including NXT favorites like Tyler Breeze and Hideo Itami, and the latter better have the freaking GTS as his finisher. Those two are there with legends like Ric Flair, Sting, and Ultimate Warrior, plus current jobbers–I mean Superstars like Jack Swagger and Zack Ryder.

Itami Screenshot

You can pre-order WWE 2K16 on Amazon right now, which would support Laser Time at no extra cost to you, though I can understand waiting to see more of the. WWE games have real ups and downs in quality, plus we have yet to receive confirmation that The Boss, Sasha Banks is in the game. Plus, I really hope 2K Marin was able to do motion capture on this New Day dance, because I’d immediately give 2K16 a 10 if that’s the case.


2 thoughts on “WWE 2K16’s Kevin Owens Looks Scary (And A Little Skinnier)

  1. I think they actually got his body down pat. Come on Henry 30 lbs is stretching it. That’s obese territory. KO got the look down via 2K people.

  2. 2K15 was such a disappointment. At least 16 seems to be adding new features beyond the expected “putting back features that were in older games”.

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