Watch The First Three Minutes Of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ They Decided To Go With


AMC has released the first three minutes of ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ the upcoming spin-off to the zombie-drama phenomenon. Maybe the ensuing 38 minutes of the premiere this Sunday will be better?

Woah, the premiere of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ really snuck up on me (Dave “The Walking Dave” Rudden). With all of the insanity going on in the comic (which I discuss on Cape Crisis 151), I totally forgot that The Walking Dead’s TV spinoff was due to premiere this weekend. And I even wrote over a thousand words about why ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will be better than ‘The Walking Dead’ just last month! Anywho, to hype up the premiere, AMC released the first three minutes, which can be seen below.

For a guy who has extended a ton of patience towards boring episodes and nonsensical character actions on the core Walking Dead, I had surprisingly little patience for this brief intro. I guess after seeing Rick’s post-coma realization about the state of the world in the original show, I expected more than skinny hipster walking through an abandoned church to discover a waify underwear-clad zombie. Besides the look of the characters, not much else about that scene screamed “LA” to me (unless people have been having parties in churches there but neglected to invite me). A person finding a zombie isn’t exactly gripping television, so hopefully the rest of the premiere of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ can pack in some big city zombie panic.

What do you think of this premiere scene? Will you be watching ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ on Sunday?

2 thoughts on “Watch The First Three Minutes Of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ They Decided To Go With

  1. The trailer itself doesn’t do much for me. I had a chance to watch the 90 minute premiere yesterday and it’s a slow burn. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it and the suspense of the impending doom to come that TWD establishes is a welcome change of pace. I sense that none of the LT crew are fans of the tv series. I currently don’t listen to Cape Crisis, where I assume most of that kind of talk takes place. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with disliking something. TWD is the only show I watch with my brother and mom, so it’s a very meaningful experience for me personally. Even thou not every episode is a winner, I find the over arching storylines to be more rewarding.

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