Watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie With Us LIVE!


This week’s (Mighty Morphin) Monday Night movie will be available FREE for all on August 24th @ 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern)


In case you didn’t know, we’ve been streaming a movie viewing every Monday as part of our Patreon. And it is likely you didn’t know, because this feature, while an absolute fucking blast, has been exclusive to only a few people. We figured that since August had a record-breaking number of Mondays, we’d open one up free for everybody, and this week’s movie celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie. And we’re gonna watch it together live!


1. Be here at 6PM PST on Monday August 24th. Like right here. Where you are now. We’ll update this article with a live stream around that time with a link to the stream.
2. Your own copy of the movie. A DVD, a torrent, a UMD, whatever. Amazon Prime members can stream it free, or you can even sign up for a FREEĀ 30-day trial for the service and cancel after the movie!
3. Uhhhh, a computer? Seriously, it’s easy to do. Just click the video link when it appears here and we’ll show you how to sync everything up so we’re all seeing everything at the same time.

7 thoughts on “Watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie With Us LIVE!

  1. I wasn’t allowed to watch Power Rangers when I was younger so I’ve never really seen any of it.
    Should be interesting to experience it for the first time with all you guys.

  2. I remember seeing this opening weekend and not liking certain things about it, even though I was deep into Power Rangers. I’ll point them out on the stream, but here are a view:

    They don’t morph in the correct order (This was my biggest problem)
    Didn’t like the Dino Metal on their chestpieces.
    The Zords CGI looked bad back in 1995, it will be even worse today.
    The events of the film are outside the canon of the show, because they go through a similar quest in season 3.

  3. Power Rangers is a pocket of nostalgia I COMPLETELY missed out on, even though I was at the right age to get into it. I couldn’t tell you why, but I thought it always looked dumb to me even as a littl’un. The only thing I can say is that the three SNES games made by Natsume based on PR are pretty alright, but I’ve got absolutely nothing other than that. Still, I’ll view it just to catch a window into what I missed out on. Plus, Rene Belloq is the villain, so that’s worth something somehow.

  4. Just watched Mad Max: Fury Road for the first time, as a palate cleanser for tonight’s main attraction. Even convinced the girlfriend to stick around, let’s test how strong my relationship is.

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