Until Dawn – Let’s Do This!


Join us for our weekly stream that we do every Tuesday starting at 3PM Pacific Time. Today’s game? We’re plenty scared, but we’re ready to dive into the teen slasher flick that is the new release, Until Dawn…

5 thoughts on “Until Dawn – Let’s Do This!

  1. Reviews are coming in quite positive on this. I’m pumped to see and try it out, but my first child just came into the world. I don’t expect to have much time for games.

    Small spurts of rocket league will have to suffice.

  2. As a fan of horror movies and Scream [1], Nightmare on Elm Street [1], Friday the 13th [1], Halloween [1], Predator [all], Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead [2], Susperia, Sinister [1], and Hayden Panettiere, so this interests me hardcore. After Metal Gear Solid 5: Pachinko Edition.

  3. Oh is this where we ask if Lasertime is going to do full playthroughs? Don’t need to dedicate a whole stream to Nintendo every week right? 😀

  4. Is that the crazy Russian guy from Armageddon? “American components, Russian components, all made in Taiwan!” For some reason I thought that actor was Bruce Willis brother for the longest time.

  5. I had as much fun watching this stream as I have any other stream you’ve ever done. I don’t own a PS4, and will likely never see this game through to the end in any other form, unless you stream it again! Please do. It was a blast.

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