5 thoughts on “Until Dawn – Let’s Do This!

  1. Reviews are coming in quite positive on this. I’m pumped to see and try it out, but my first child just came into the world. I don’t expect to have much time for games.

    Small spurts of rocket league will have to suffice.

  2. As a fan of horror movies and Scream [1], Nightmare on Elm Street [1], Friday the 13th [1], Halloween [1], Predator [all], Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead [2], Susperia, Sinister [1], and Hayden Panettiere, so this interests me hardcore. After Metal Gear Solid 5: Pachinko Edition.

  3. Oh is this where we ask if Lasertime is going to do full playthroughs? Don’t need to dedicate a whole stream to Nintendo every week right? 😀

  4. Is that the crazy Russian guy from Armageddon? “American components, Russian components, all made in Taiwan!” For some reason I thought that actor was Bruce Willis brother for the longest time.

  5. I had as much fun watching this stream as I have any other stream you’ve ever done. I don’t own a PS4, and will likely never see this game through to the end in any other form, unless you stream it again! Please do. It was a blast.

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