Metal Gear And Hideo Kojima Say Goodbye With New Phantom Pain Trailer


Is the big twist going to be that Kojima was the phantom pain all along, and we’ll be feeling it forever after this game…

I’m Henry Gilbert, proud host their own the comic book podcast called Cape Crisis (via the support on the Laser Time Patreon), but I’m also getting a little melancholy, because one of my favorite game series seems to be reaching its end next week. Though I’ve waited, oh, seven years for Hideo Kojima to direct a new game, now that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is about to arrive, I’m more sad that this appears to be the end for Metal Gear as we know it. And super nostalgic trailers like this one don’t make me feel any cheerier…

Jeez… trailers like that are just supposed to make you pre-order the game, not mourn the lost years of your life and see dreams deferred. If you’ve ever been an MGS fan, all those moments are going to hit hard as you see Snake, Paz, Meryl, Big Boss, and more suffer through the pains of war and loss, all battling the ever-changing army of Metal Gears. When set to The Quiet’s wistful theme, there’s no denying its power.

The impact of that trailer deepens when you consider everything that’s happening in the real world. This trailer is billed as being directed and edited by Hideo Kojima. As almost every other developer from his generation has either retired, moved into executive positions, or started over with an indie studio, Kojima and his team have been plugging away on making the type of game they always have. And now signs point to this being the last one of those.


Metal Gear fans always joked that Kojima says every MGS is his last in the series, so we never thought there would actually be a final one. Unfortunately, this time doesn’t seem to be up to him. In the wake of deafening silence and a number of rumors and leaks, Kojima has been ousted by Konami, and once this game ships, that’s the end of Kojima Productions. Konami will still own Metal Gear, but given the Japanese bosses outright saying they focus on mobile and pachinko, the future doesn’t look all that bright for MGS.

But, even if Konami is fully behind Metal Gear, it’s hard to even imagine the series without Hideo doing is thing. Partially that’s because he’s long made himself a key figure in promoting the games, becoming a darling of the gaming press and often being more loose with answers than most major developers. Kojima is an odd duck, and his mix of twists, dialog, lengthy cutscenes, weird sexualization, cyborg limbs, and many, MANY epilogues is part of MGS’s DNA.


So, as we’re about to experience Kojima’s Metal Gear, for perhaps the last time, it’s nice that we can steel ourselves for the finale with this trailer. By the way, if this convinced you to pick up Phantom Pain, don’t forget you can pre-order it off Amazon:

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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Buying it through that link helps out LT at no extra cost to you. Now, let me leave you with my personal favorite Kojima-directed Metal Gear trailer. It really reinforces how central he is to the series…

2 thoughts on “Metal Gear And Hideo Kojima Say Goodbye With New Phantom Pain Trailer

  1. Never have I looked forward to a game with as much sadness as this. Preliminary reviews are fantastic and it sounds like the natural evolution of Peace Walker as I hoped it would be. But as the last ever Metal Gear game and maybe the last game by Konami as we know it, it’s going to hurt a bit. I had been soured by MGS4 being a bit disappointing, but I got over that and I think Metal Gear may be among my top ten favorite game series ever… and now it comes to silence. That’s business for you, eh?

  2. Great great great trailer but……that music just killed it, sorry but it just doesnt fit. Hans Zimmer please come over asap and please please please bring your Thin Redline score to make this the greatest videogame sendoff/release trailer of all time! Seriously thou, this was great and reminded me of my Senior year of High School when MGS dropped on playstation and just blew my mind! I seriously played that PSM demo daily and pretended it was The Rock the game.

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