Metroid: Other M – Let’s Do This Shit!


Are you worried about Nintendo’s new direction for Metroid Prime: Federation Force? This week’s Shit Show is a stark reminder that even a much-hyped Metroid can suck. For its fifth anniversary, watch us endure Other M’s unwieldy gameplay mix and awful story LIVE at 3PM Pacific time!

[UPDATE: Archived below… this game is worse than you remember.]

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2 thoughts on “Metroid: Other M – Let’s Do This Shit!

  1. This game fucking SUUUUUUUUUCKS!!! It has terrible gameplay, it has an extremely incoherent story which wouldn’t be a big deal if the cutscenes were skippable, and they’re not. Even worse, the raw festering misogynistic sexism they piled onto Samus Aran was genuinely awful. And that isn’t an Es Jay Dubb issue- it’s an “I love Samus and Metroid” issue and seeing her dragged into bizarre Japanese honorifics in a space sci-fi with Western characters made little sense and bothered the fuck out of me.

    Oh the stream is cool I guess. I will be skipping it, sorry Lacerteem.

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