Spuds MacKenzie: A Dog You Should Know

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Beethoven. Benji. Wishbone. Throughout history, there have been many famous dogs, but one particular canine has fallen into obscurity. I’m talking about 1980’s beer-hawking dog Spuds MacKenzie.

Born in 1983 as Honey Tree Evil Eye, Spuds was a transgender spokesperson long before Caitlyn Jenner. You see, Spuds was actually a female bull terrier. Spud was a she, not a he, as she was portrayed in her first Bud Light commercial in 1987, during Super Bowl XXI. Spuds became an overnight success and would go on to star in multiple advertisements — even stuffed animals featuring her likeness were produced.

Amidst pressure from various groups like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (who claimed Spud was marketing beer to children), Anheuser-Busch decided to retire Spuds in 1989. Then in 1993, she passed away from renal failure in North Riverside, Illinois.

In honor of Spuds’ legacy, we’ve compiled seven of her greatest commercials in a convenient playlist. “This Spuds for you!”

8 thoughts on “Spuds MacKenzie: A Dog You Should Know

  1. I’ve heard the name Spuds Mackenzie before but never knew who he was. Those commercials were so bizarre, and Spuds Mackenzie is a really weird name for a beer schilling dog.

    1. He really was a product of 80s excess and could only exist in that time period. How many other animals sell beer besides a group frogs? Thanks for checking it out! I really think the Worlds most intresting man straight ripped off Spuds Swager!

  2. I miss Spuds! I think he/she could definitely come back now during the late night Adultswim commericals segment, right next to the weird Skittles spots.

    1. That is the best possible way to re-introduce him to the mainstream audience. I think he would make a great mascot for the site or at least a future t-shirt!

  3. Yes! Love this god damn dog. And Fuck Target for making people automatically think of their mascot and not this awesome animal. Bastards. I hate Bud Light but for fucks sakes Spuds is a national treasure!

    1. I had to google Target to see what you were referencing and they definitely owe Spuds estate some cash! I am not a Bud Light fan either but I am going to have one in her honor and poor a little out for all the other canine mascots that aint with us today.

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