Battle Arena Toshinden – Ringout Spectacular!



Way back on a Toshinden-centric episode of VGMpire (yes we’re thorough) Dave brought up a funny and rather unique aspect of the bygone PlayStation launch game, Battle Arena Toshinden. Yes, if you’re too close to the edge after a win, you character’s victory pose could send you plummeting to your death.

toshinden ring out fail laser time

Truly silly shit! Yeah, we went ahead and captured a bunch for ya, and if you can think of a better way to celebrate the PlayStation’s twentieth anniversary, tell us in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Battle Arena Toshinden – Ringout Spectacular!

  1. Loved the toshinden series as a kid, especially 2!
    im sure they don’t stand up by today’s standards, loved the music, thanks for doing this

  2. The first two are fun. The latter games… somehow don’t hold up as well and I’m not sure how that happened. Some internal team change, I’d wager. Anyway, fun video! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the Playstation, at least not involving Crash Bandicoot somehow.

  3. My experience with Toshinden will never go past the terribel anime adaptation. But what a gloriously bad adaptation it is! I mean there are some terrible fighting game anime out there, but I do believe Toshinden takes the cake.

  4. I still remember convincing my Mom to rent a playstation and this game and lying to myself that it was a good game. Had no idea you could victory dance ring out; just when I thought I had this game all figured out, you suck me back in Chris!

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