Holy Crap, South Park Is Back In September! Here’s A Teaser.


Even though it’s been almost nine months since the last season ended, the season premiere of South Park has snuck up on us. Check out the first teaser of South Park’s 19th season!

Here we are, nearly nine months into 2015, and we’ve haven’t had much new South Park to quench our desire for animated satire. Sure, Rick and Morty is just as great as ever, while Bob’s Burgers has rightfully claimed its spot as a staple of Fox’s Sunday night lineup, but there’s still plenty of room for South Park’s super-timely humor. While there’s none of that in the teaser, it’s still great to see some new South Park footage for the first tine since (I guess) the Ubisoft E3 press conference?

Is a giant-sized Cartman on the horizon for the new season (heck, the Simpsons did it), or just representative of the huge satire to come in 2015? Last season (which ran from September to December of 2014) covered plenty of vital topics, including crowdfunding (JOIN LASER TIME’S PATREON) free-to-play games, ride-sharing, and let’s plays (SUBSCRIBE TO LASER TIME’S YOUTUBE). There’s no shortage of crazy stuff that’s happened in this year that South Park can lampoon, and it’s great that we’re just about three weeks away from the gates finally opening.

What do you want to see South Park rag on this year? Sound off below!

3 thoughts on “Holy Crap, South Park Is Back In September! Here’s A Teaser.

  1. Off course racist wrestlers, child molesting pitchmen, comedians with bad sweaters and maybe a Kojima joke for good measure.

  2. I was just thinking about south park the other day and wondering when and if its coming back, thanks to dave for confirming it for me!

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