Deadpool’s Game Gets PS4/Xbox One Upgrade This November


Sweet suffering tacos! Deadpool, the most ridiculous mutant alive, is bringing his silly game to new-gen this fall…

I’m sure you’ve whined once or twice that the current generation of consoles have far too many old games in new wrapping. I know I whined about how every third and fifth release in a month is a remaster or definitive edition of some kind. That usually makes me bored, but not when Marvel’s Murderous Mutant of Mirth is finally returning to games. Announced by GameStop of all people, the Deadpool Game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One November 17.

Yes, as someone who plays pretty much every comic book game around, I can say that the gameplay in Deadpool wasn’t great. HOWEVER, it’s a damn funny game, and gets Deadpool with the same level of accuracy as Batman in the Arkham Knight games. Wade Wilson is a mega-killer, a total goofball, he’s constantly breaking the fourth wall, he’s annoying Cable, and he’s basically acting like the character ripped right off the page. Fans of the character owed it to themselves to give it a rental, which is why it was sad that it barely stayed on the shelf for a matter of months.

Around the same time Marvel vs. Capcom 3 vanished from digital shelves, so too did Deadpool, seemingly entering the abyss that all licensed games eventually fall into. But it looks like Marvel and Activision kissed and made up enough to get together a new-gen rerelease, as well as putting Deadpool back on Steam.

The game comes with a spiffier–looking version of the campaign, as well as all the DLC included too, all for $50? Is that too high a price for an old game? Or are you just happy to see Mr. Wilson available once more? Tell us in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Deadpool’s Game Gets PS4/Xbox One Upgrade This November

  1. I never played Deadpool when it originally came out, but I think I should rectify that now. Especially if it’s gonna be cheaper than the usual current gen upgrades are.

  2. Wow I literally just bought and beat this game on my PS3. And saying that I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys humor and not too demanding DMC-like games.

  3. Didn’t, uh, didn’t this game launch at $39.99? Plus, Activision’s last HD remaster wasn’t all that great(Prototype 1 & 2).

  4. What I liked most about this game, was the way it portrayed Death. Which was like a hot lady in a Day of the Dead makeup and costume. As opposed to the way she’s normally portrayed in the comics, which is like a grim reaper with boobs…

  5. Initially got pretty bored with it; but since I am a fan, I will definitely re-buy this one and give it another shot.

  6. “We had a couple of weeks were we crunched pretty aggressively on Deadpool. Having Activision cut and cut and CUT just took its toll on so many of us. For a studio to demand that we do mandatory overtime for a project and then keep cutting so much time and money from it was ridiculous. At about halfway into development we were told that we weren’t even aiming very high in terms of score.

    Can you imagine working on a game where your higher ups say “yeah we’re shooting for a 64 or lower” and then have them give you mandatory overtime?”

    Quality titles like this don’t come around every day. Heck, they might even finally achieve the lofty goal of a 64 average Metacritic once they’re finally done pinching off this particular loaf.

    Why wait? Preorder NOW!

  7. I played through this on PS3 for obvious reasons, Psylocke is slap bang on the cover, shes bound to have loads of lines and screen time right?…1 line…
    the game is pretty basic and clunky combat doesn’t help BUT it is very funny and captures deadpool very well, Nolan North does a fine job here

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