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When The Undertaker started to lead a cult of similarly evil characters, there needed to be a theme that represented his new status as their leader. Ministry is a very good theme that conveys the faction’s demonic presence and the epic nature of the evil they promise to bring, but certain elements of a greater theme (“The Dark Side”) had to be dulled in the process. Instead of a ripping guitar intro, we get Undertaker chanting in Latin while gongs play. It’s pretty cool and a nice mix, but it came at the expense of a better song.


It would be sacrilege to put this theme anywhere near the bottom, since it’s the one associated with The Undertaker’s true rise to superstardom and the template here is more or less still used in his current theme. Gone are the shrill-sounding pipes of the original, replaced with the stuff his theme should have had all along; the musical chanting and thunderous sound effects that really portrayed the fact that this was a god damn wrestling demon.


Only in the context of the WWE can a Johnny Cash song take bronze to a pair of tunes by WWE’s in-house studio musician, but here we are. In 2010, after retiring Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker suffered a rash of injuries that kept him out of action for months at a time, culminating in a feud against Kane where he was buried alive. Up until WrestleMania 30, Taker had never looked as weak, so a song reaffirming his strength and power was in order. It’s still got a sense of somberness and is slightly creepy thanks to the sound of dragging chains that accompanied the actual tune, but it never had the legs to be a long-term theme, both because the WWE probably didn’t want to pay the likely pricey Johnny Cash music rights for very long, but also because this isn’t a wrestling theme that can really grab a crowd’s attention.


Here’s another short-lived theme ‘Taker only used the tune during the six-month stretch where he was a satanic heel figure set out to destroy Stone Cold Steve Austin and take his championship. That’s a shame, because it’s one of his greatest themes ever. At the point in his career where he had to play the evil “final boss” in the WWE rankings, this song fit him perfectly. The opening guitar chords mixed with the customary gongs lend a different sense of foreboding than any other theme ‘Taker’s ever had, and the use of Taker’s creepy old-latin chants showcased how much darker the character had become. It’s a shame there’s never been reason to resurrect this one.


Yeah, it’s a bit of a cliche to go with the longest-running (and current) Undertaker theme for the top slot, but it’s really the culmination of his core theme from 1990, refined and perfected. It has the eerie gongs at the beginning to rile up the crowd and then reaches the first peak just as the audience goes wild when ‘Taker first emerges from the smoke and fire. From there, it ever-so-subtly mixes the creepy funeral dirge with a guitar that adds even more layers of rock than the already iconic “Graveyard Symphony” without taking away from the frightening core. For the current iteration of The Undertaker who (usually) only manifests to stand guard as the WrestleMania gatekeeper, it’s the perfect theme for an immortal demon.

What do you think of this undertaking? What’s your favorite and least-favorite ‘Taker theme? Which wrestler’s discography would you like to see covered soon? Sound off below!

13 thoughts on “Undertaker Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday

  1. I choose to believe you put the Ministry theme at a number other than one because we all know that it’s the true number one Undertaker theme and it would just be unfair to make the list so predictable.

  2. Aint no grave made the top three proving this aint no game when Dave Rudden makes lists yo! Couldnt agree with your list more!

  3. God, I forgot about Choppertaker. Can we just ignore 11-7 please? If it’s a list of favorites, then I agree with you wholeheartedly Dave. It’s tough to rank the original theme song as low as 6, but it would only jump to 2 for me if you were ranking by most important/impactful. I really wish I could request specific wrestlers, but it’s been so long. Maybe the DX songs? Or the Four Horsemen. A great one would be Mick Foley, but would it need to be organized by persona or just everything in one giant list? *bang bang*

  4. I was severally confused for like the half the article until I realized by “gongs” you meant church bells.

    The best part of Rest in Peace is that it only uses like a bar of Funeral March, its super freaking cheese but only for a moment.

  5. I watched the 2003 Royal Rumble again the other day and forgot just how terrible “Dead Man Walking” is, and having followed the dreaded “American Bad Ass” not long before!?

    The early 2000s is worse than any bad 80s or 90s trend we ever got.

  6. While not different enough to deserve a spot on the list, the undertaker came out to a slightly remixed version of the ministry theme at wrestlemania 15 that was absolutely awesome.

  7. Awesome job Dave! Thanks for reconizing “dark side” ppl forget about that theme way to often. Still have it on my iPhone today.

  8. Great lousy, Dave! Taker is my favorite wrestler of all time and he has had some of the best (and worst) themes ever. My favorite is his Ministry theme.

  9. Really number 1 and 2 are interchangeable but for me Dark Side is the best because it signified the best time in taker’s career.

  10. Its a shame you put Graveyard Symphony where it is because its pretty damn much like his current theme. And for the original not to outrank the current is a travesty. And as much as the Biker Taker is a complete departure from the character and not at all my favorite taker, for “youre gonna pay” to out rank ANYTHING (except corporate ministry) is a joke. Youre gonna pay is an AWFULLLL theme. It doesnt fit the character at all, hes a biker, not a clown and thats what “youre gonna pay” says to me. The music is awful and not “bad ass” as the character is portraying. The “bad ass” character is a look into Mark Calloway the person as tbats who he really is. Vince didnt enjoy this as he created the “Original Undertaker” so the idea was forgotten and scrapped soon into the run. But mark wanted the character to be bad ass, and im certain a song Entitled as such is fitting as “Youre gonna pay” aint really that intimidating. And as far as the diss on kid rock, hes probably had more hits than most people in the RNR hall of fame and his career, much like the undertaker has reinvented itself over about 20 years. I have no problem with the song nor the artist and mark clearly didnt either so im with mark on this one, bad ass should of stayed “american bad ass” and not “youre gonna pay”.

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