Cheap Popcast #58 – Wrestling’s Shittiest People


This summer has not been kind for WWE and wrestling in general, so the fearsome foursome of Dave, Chris, Grimm, and Brett discuss the racists, murderers, and shit-stirrers in the news as of late.

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7 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #58 – Wrestling’s Shittiest People

  1. When I heard all that jazz about Snuka, I was looking forward to your guys take on it, being a wrestling noob I wasnt to versed in the history of the scandal. It takes a certain kind of man to go into that ring, not all of them sane. Oh well. Pop pop.

  2. It’s weird. With all the history erasing WWE did with Hogan & Snuka recently, the WWE SuperCard mobile phone game is still lousy with them both.

  3. You want a shitty person in wrestling who doesn’t get talked about as a shitty person when bought up? The Fabulous Moolah may she rot in hell. Prostituting her students and holding a strangle hold on the women’s wrestling scene. Yet most just think of her as that old lady the WWE used in the attitude era

  4. yeah, Snuka, was basically the biggest star in the WWF at that time, it’s kind of hard to think of a pre-Hulkamania WWF.

    I was expecting someone to have to defend TNA’s Bram for his recent arrest for domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment

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