The Genius Behind Remixed TV & WWE Themes Has A New Full-Length Album!


Like Dotflist’s unique takes on classic TV and pro wrestler theme songs? Check out our favorite musician’s take on high-energy love songs with “Woman Titles”!

If you haven’t heard of Dotflist, let us give you a quick primer on Laser Time’s favorite musician. He remixed TV show themes (over 50 of them!) with a synth-pop twist, wrote the ultimate ode to websites, and has since moved on making new WWE entrance themes. He’s even written the theme for our Patreon-exclusive show, Bonus Time! We know he’s got the chops to put together unforgettable 1-2 minute tunes, but can he nail a full-length album? Well, he’s a master at that, too, as “Woman Titles” proves. Check out the bandcamp stream below!

While you can stream it for free above, we definitely recommend paying a few bucks on bandcamp to get a downloadable version of “Women Titles.” In his Hot Dad persona, Dotflist has put together 11 high-energy synth tunes about romance, adding his own awkward twist to every track along the way. Whether it’s the ode to modern women in “Gimme the Girls,” the misguided approach of “We Shared a Meal,” the Wonder Showzen-twist of “Like You (All Night Long),” or the sheer entirety of “Our Parents Met (For the First Time),” you’re sure to find an anthem that fits your weird adventures in love.

Well, we’ve told you why we dig “Woman Titles,” but we’ll let the man himself explain it. Bake it away, Dotflist!

Again, if you want to throw a few dollars Dotflist’s way to get “Woman Titles,” you can do so right here on Bandcamp! You should also subscribe to Dotflist on YouTube to get more of his musical genius, and while you’re there, why not subscribe to Laser Time on YouTube to get our great reviews and game stream videos!

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