Top 7 Cheesiest Music Video Crossovers With Movies

4. Dokken – Dream Warriors (Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors)

Patton Oswalt has this incredible bit about ’80s metal’s magic power in music videos, and this is just the type of thing he was talking about. Hair-metal band Dokken is so rockin’ that, should one of their fans be in danger, they can fight off demons with the power of ROCK. They can even fend off the normally unbeatable hellspawn Freddy Krueger, who had no defense against the effeminate posturing of Don Dokken and his friends.


Dokken may be the most thrashingest band to start this side of Ratt, but they also care deeply when their fans, especially young ladies like Patricia Arquette, are plagued by a mystical child murderer. See, Freddy may be used to attacking disturbed teens, but he’s less prepared for men in their early thirties wielding guitars. These dream warriors rock so hard that Krueger must slink away in defeat, though in classic Freddy style, he gets the last laugh. I wonder if that was a late addition by Wes Craven in editing? “Seriously, Freddy Krueger does NOT get canonically defeated by Dokken.”

3. Pras featuring Mya & Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Ghetto Superstar (Bulworth)

To millennials, Warren Beatty probably seems like some star from the 1950s that their grandparents saw after voting for Ike. I had similar feelings in the ’90s, though I also knew him as Dick Tracy and the old dude who was screwing Madonna. Still, Beatty has so many Oscars and so much history, he’s basically stayed Hollywood royalty without having made anything of worth in the last 20 years. And when Bulworth came out, there was some shock value to seeing Warren dress as a rapper in the film. Today there’s much more shock value to seeing him onscreen with the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard in a music video.


Pras of the Fugees went solo with this tune back in 1997, with backup from Mya and ODB, and the video went full force in advertising Bulworth. Not only does Pras take over Beatty’s body, but Halle Berry hangs around to nod approvingly, while poor Oliver Platt freaks out at the truths Pras spits about America. The heavily played video got substantially more exposure than the film, likely leaving many viewers wondering, “Who’s that old white guy at the start? And what’s Halle Berry doing there?” Watching it now makes me slightly sad that Beatty has outlived ODB, but the Wu-Tang’s most infamous founding member wasn’t really living for tomorrow anyway.

2. Queen – Princes of the Universe (Highlander)

You can keep your Rolling Stones and your Led Zeppelins. To me, Queen is the greatest rock band of all time, featuring Freddie Mercury as the ultimate frontman, backed up by Brian May’s incredible guitars. They were the kings of ’80s rock, and they’d write ridiculously awesome ballads for garbage films like Flash Gordon, because Queen didn’t give a fuck. Freddie Mercury was so good that he could even duel a Highlander with his mic, which is exactly what he does in Princes of the Universe.


Based on his moments of screen time, I’m guessing Christopher Lambert filmed for all of three hours, but they got all they needed out of the immortal highlander. The quick battle between Mercury and Lambert is supported by Queen making Highlander sound like the most awesome concept of all time, with lyrics like “I’m a man that will go far, find the moon and reach for the stars.” Using this theme even made the shitty Highlander: The Series seem good – that’s the power of Freddie Mercury. If only Freddie had decapitated Lambert he’d have achieved immortality.

1. King Kobra – Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) (Iron Eagle)

It’s hard to beat Queen on any list, but when it comes to cornball music videos that encapsulate a film’s plot, nothing can top this one for Iron Eagle. The source material has the impossible plot of Louis Gossett Jr. training a teen to fly a fighter jet so they can invade Libya to free the boy’s father. The video ramps up the implausibility by having Gossett train the aggressively unfamous band King Kobra to do the same thing in one homoerotic video.


Louis Gossett Jr. is definitely giving it his all reprising Chappy, but the dopes in King Kobra aren’t the best acting partners. Stripped of their many accessories, the boot-camp version of the band reveals them to be the dweebs they truly are, and they don’t really seem to improve despite the power of the montage. Still, how can you not be inspired by the nasal screeching of “NEVER SAY DIE”? It makes me want to steal a billion-dollar fighter of my own and start an act of war on behalf of America. Mission accomplished, Chappy.

13 thoughts on “Top 7 Cheesiest Music Video Crossovers With Movies

  1. mhm… Dream Warriors and Goonies R good enough are two movie cross over songs that are burned deep in my memory. That Goonies song was a freaking EPIC, it had the cajones to be not just a LONG video, but a two parter! wow! just bold. but good. I never completely understood the whole Cpt. Lou is my dad in all the videos thing. did she just like wrestling? or were they friends? related? did her parents know him? same agent?

  2. An honorable mention would go to Sammy Hager’s “Over The Top”, from the Golan-Globus film, “Over The Top”. With interstitial moments of Stallone arm wrestling while Hager inspires us while riding a motorcycle down the Vegas Strip. It all culminates in the end with a showdown between Cabo Wabo’s own and Lincoln Hawk, arm wrestling for pride and principle. Even though Stallone is the visible champion, he was outdone by Hager, but the match was an exhibition so no credibility was lost. I feel like I should have saved this for moan4stallone so I apologize in advance.

  3. “Using this theme even made the shitty Highlander: The Series seem good – that’s the power of Freddie Mercury. ”

    Highlander TV series was good. Each episode was a TV version of the film. It also introduced the concept of Watchers who…well, watches three immortals. One person goes so far as to create an organization to hunt and kill immortals because he believed the immortals will rule and enslave mankind. It was a solid TV series.

  4. The Goonies video makes me a little weepy inside as it is everything I loved about the 80’s and my childhood. Its sad to think that the Music Video will be relegated to the same place Psychedelic Music Shows and Dance Shows (I’m looking at you ‘The Grind’) will reside; a relic of a generation.

  5. This list is awesome. Also, it warns my heart to see you include the Brian Firenzi video about MTV, since he’s a genius.

  6. It’s not cool to hate on Cindy Lauper. A lot of her music is catchy and fun. I am surprised to learn that her song was specifically written for the Goonies movie, so consider me educated. I really like Queen, but I’m so used to the edited version of “Princes Of The Universe” that the full song is actually unappealing to me. My favorite has to be “Ghetto Superstar”. I had completely forgotten about the song, and just like most people, I had no idea it was written for some movie I can’t even remember the name of even though I just read it in an article a minute ago.

  7. I’m about 2 years late with this but Straight to my feet by MC Hammer has the cast of the live action Street Fighter movie from 1994 in it.

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