Super Mario Bros. 3 – Let’s Do This!

Every Thursday we play a different Nintendo game on our Twitch channel, and today’s is another entry in a whole month of Mario Bros.! We’re celebrating Super Mario Bros.’ anniversary AND the launch of Super Mario Maker, so we’re streaming… Read more

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5 Great Geek Shows You Should Be Watching

So you’ve seen all of Doctor Who, binged Orphan Black, watched the hell out of Game of Thrones, and occasionally dropped in for The Walking Dead. What’s next? What’s left on the list of great geek TV? Well, some shows… Read more

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Cape Crisis #155 – The Saga Continues

Henry and Chris do a two man show this week, and they’ve got a ton to talk to each other about. Hellcat’s new book, too many Avengers, where our listeners read, Henry referring to Tokyo Ghost by the wrong name,… Read more

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