Cheap Popcast #59 – Night of Champ Pains


Every title was defended, and every competitor over 40 almost died. Dave and Hank discuss Night of Champions, while Dave tackles the fallout from the next night’s Raw.

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4 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #59 – Night of Champ Pains

  1. So Dave is racist against Traflorkians now? When is Chris going to make him apologize for using the GG-word? We decent people demand that Dave be shamed and ostracized immediately!!!!!

    Seriously though, great episode!

  2. I had very little faith in the Sting Rollins championship match and that only got worse when the US title turned out to be pretty dam great. We all regonise Sting in wrestling history but between this and the Wrestlemania Triple H match, he came to WWE too late. Sorry.

    Hope he’s well.

  3. I liked the podcast more than I liked the PPV, great episode! But I really miss when CP PPV review episodes was more than just Dave and Hank, maybe for the NXT Takeover episode you guys can bring in a third person from the LT crew, I thought the contrast in perspective and opinion is really what made those unique among the many other wrestling ppv review/analysis shows that exist out there.

  4. Another solid PPV outing for WWE. Nothing special, but nothing deplorable, which has really been the status quo for WWE in 2015.

    Just a thought; Why are the Lucha Dragons still a thing? Kalisto is an amazing talent and he’s being dragged down by Sin Cara. WWE brought in the original Sin Cara to be the next Rey Mysterio and be a figure that can help bring in the Latino demographic. That was obviously a botched signing; Pun intended. They have the successor to Rey on the roster right now in Kalisto and they’re keeping him in a middling tag team. I think they need to break him off from the team at some point in 2016 and push him for one of the undercard titles. The mask merch money will come rolling in.

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