Cape Crisis #156 – Tastes Like Chicken


Henry and Chris are rejoined by Dave for a whip fast episode where they catch up on never ending Secret Wars, dig into cheap Batman books, discuss the new Black Panther series, Spider-Man’s age, and your answers to last week’s question…


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Cape Crisis #156 Question: What non-comic book writer would you like to see make a DC or Marvel book?

10 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #156 – Tastes Like Chicken

  1. I watched the premier of Muppets and was slightly disappointed.

    I still liked it, but I thought the 10 minute concept video was actually better, even though it had a lot of the same bits in it.

    I went into it thinking it was going to be 30 Rock with Muppets in it, which is a concept I was very excited for, and it’s sorta that, but if anything 30 Rock is actually wackier than this show.

    I was also disappointed that the show the Muppets are making in this is a late night talk show hosted by Miss Piggy instead of a like, an SNL sketch comedy type thing. I don’t like Miss Piggy. She’s a one-note character and that note is super annoying. So it sucks that their whole show revolves around her now.

    Also, there’s no Walter! I spent 2 whole movies investing myself in this new muppet character! Where the hell is he?

    1. The show could definitely go wackier but remember this is just the first episode. On the grounds of a first episode, I was very impressed and sold on watching it every week.

      One of the coolest things about this show is the variety of characters available that they can build stories around and emphasize more in different episodes.

  2. Y’all gotta try to get Kate Leth on the show when she’s in the area. I think she would be an interesting guest and if the Dynamic Duo episode of LaserTime is any hint creators do well on the network.

  3. I’ve been following Ta-Nehisi Coates’ writing for awhile. He’s been writing/blogging at The Atlantic for a few years. But if you don’t have time to read heavy articles about racism in America, I suggest you check out the interview he did with the FanBros podcast back in January 2015:

    He goes into his geek love roots as well as his main passion for writing. I’m super excited to see his take on the Black Panther and can’t wait to read it.

  4. I am so perfectly fine with MCU Peter Parker starting out as a 15 year old, and already established to the point that we don’t need to see Uncle Ben’s death. I enjoyed ASM1, but retelling the origin in a shittier way than Raimi did was really pointless and frustrating, Much like Superman & Batman, everyone knows Spidey’s origin by now. Here’s hoping we get some good ol’ high school spider drama (this time complete with an actor who actually IS a teenager). Could not be more excited for this movie.

  5. Dude fuck the haters. I loved that new Muppet show and laughed out loud several times later. I hope it lasts because it has potential. The anti-bear jokes by Fozzy’s girlfriend’s dad were hilarious. People need to get past their own shit and accept a “reinvention” of the Muppets.

    1. Well, see, that’s the thing. All of the funny jokes in that episode were in the 10 minute short from a year ago.

      Very little of the stuff they added was, and they even left some of the best stuff from that short out.

      1. That just isn’t true at all.

        The best line was, “You walk into a room full of dancing stars, and you come back with Tom Bergeron?”

        And the line about Fozzie’s online dating profile and getting replies looking for passionate bears.

        The amount of online outrage from people on this show expecting Sesme Street has been really frustrating. I blame Millenniuls who were born after Henson died and were introduced to the Muppets in Muppet Treasure Island.

        “Do you ask Captain Kangaroo about his sex life?” is a like Kermit said while voiced as Jim Henson. The Muppets have always rode the line of being more adult. This is why I hate critics. They want to kill the show, even though it is right in line with the original Muppet Show concept. It’s a perfect homage to the original, but no, people like the guy Henrey mentioned won’t be satisfied in life unless they savage something and kill it so they can hang their hat on that as a victory in their life. Fucking gross.

        The show was great. I really hope the haters don’t kill it. They won’t be satisfied until everything is devoid of personality and life.

  6. I dont know where to post this so I will write it here, there is nothing funnier than watching Chris dog Henry about not playing well.

  7. The name’s just blackpariah, Hank, though “blackslashpariah” does sound really cool.
    And Stephen King did sort of write a comic. The initial issues of American Vampire (one of Vertigo’s best books) each had a 6 page backup story by King, detailing the origin of Skinner Sweet, one of the two main vampires.
    (and they were drawn pages, not just prose)

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