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Well, there’s more than just the Big Show! We’re counting down the themes WWE’s most popular giant has used over his 20-year career in the latest Wrestler Theme Friday!

Welcome to Laser Time’s weekly rasslin’ theme feature, Wrestling Theme Friday (or WTF for short). Sure, we’ll discuss WWE and other grappling groups on Cheap Popcast and during our Patreon-exclusive wrestling match commentaries, but this is our outlet to discuss an element of pro wrestling that’s just as vital as actual pro wrestling skill; having a kickass entrance theme. In our previous three installments of WTF, we’ve selected Sting’s best entrance music, ranked The Undertaker’s themes and counted down Kurt Angle’s entrance songs, but this time we’re going big with the themes used by The Big Show (previously known as Paul Wight and The Giant).

Next month marks the 20-year anniversary of The Big Show’s wrestling debut, where he had his first official match defeating Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Halloween Havoc 1995. With that anniversary and his upcoming mauling on the WWE Network’s airing of their October 3rd Madison Square Garden show, what better time is there to count down the themes WWE’s largest athlete has used over the last two decades.


The Big Show’s first official match was on a random Raw before WrestleMania 15, where he jobbed out to Stone Cold Steve Austin. It went a long way in lessening the mystique of this strange new monster in WWE immediately and this theme didn’t help. The WWE had a few weeks to come up with something epic to play the first time they brought out their biggest acquisition of the Attitude Era, and this is what they came up with. This would be lazily recycled a decade later for Luke Gallows, showing how much faith WWE had in the man who would later make waves in New Japan as Doc Gallows.


The Big Show used this tune from WWF Aggression for a single Pay-Per-View in 2000, and it’s a minor miracle it even made TV at all. There’s about four words and the slightest hint of The Big Show’s iconic theme in here that a bunch of dudes rap over. There’s a Pokemon reference around three minutes in that raises this ever so slightly from the cellar.


The resurgence of tag team wrestling in WWE and NXT is a great thing in and of itself, but it’s also saved us from the sad practice of mashup themes. “I Came To Crank It Up” had to be one of the laziest, with Big Show’s theme once again relegated to a cameo in The Miz’s tune. I’m also pretty sure the WWE wasn’t even aware how their combined title sounded like an explicit masturbation reference.


The Giant’s singles theme in WCW is a decent catch-all tune for both his heel and face personas. It’s got The Giant yelling about his moves over an ominously chugging guitar. As per late-90s WCW theme, there’s a bit too much noodling, but it’s far from The Giant (or WCW’s) worst.


For the brief period that he was aligned with Vince McMahon upon entering the WWE, the man known as Paul Wight would usually enter the ring to The Corporation’s theme. With The Rock usually sticking to his signature theme, this tune worked well for Wight, where “No Chance in Hell” sounded like more of a threat than when the likes of Big Boss Man and Test were using it.

Another tag team mashup, WCW theme, and The Big Show’s titular themes await you on the next page!

5 thoughts on “Big Show Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday

  1. While Big Show will always be Giant to me (and to Sting to as he called him Giant when talking to that 7 year old girl) and his finisher will always be the chokeslam, he never had a theme that was any good until he became Big Show. I agree that the original is much better than the newer version. btw, I love the entrance theme articles keep it up. Maybe you could Hulk Hogan sometime. He has many different themes and my favorite has to be Jimi Hendrix NWO remix. Even though I grew up a Hulkamaniac, I just recently realized my favorite Hulk is Hollywood Hulk.

  2. I liked it better when Paul White was shaped like an upside down triangle rather than just an ordinary triangle these days.

  3. #1 all the way. It made him what he is for the last decade. I love when he shows off some of that personality of his. I still remember seeing him for the first time on WCW, confronting Hulk Hogan, claiming to be Andre The Giants’ son.

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