Big Show Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday


While this is still a pretty awkward combined theme, I’ll give “Crank the Walls Down” a bit of credit for being an entirely new theme instead of a cut-and-pasted Audacity file. Some band figured out a way to split the difference between The Big Show’s bluesy theme and Chris Jericho’s yelly rock entrance, and this was an okay tune to play for a few tag team bouts in 2009.


In a way, The Giant’s induction to the NWO was one of the faction’s first (of many) missteps. Rumor has it that The British Bulldog was supposed to be the faction’s “Fourth Man,” but instead a tried-and-true WCW star joined the faction of “Outsiders” (the very same people who aided Hulk Hogan in winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from The Giant). While the reasoning never quite sat right, the NWO theme is a great one that works well for the NWO’s cocky version of The Giant. It’s a bit much for lower-tier dudes like Vincent and Buff Bagwell, but this tune is fine for the man who would become The Big Show.


Here we have The Big Show’s modern theme; a higher-budget version of his first long-running theme with a bit more rock and slightly more imposing lyrics. It’s a really good tune and the bluesy riff segments are great for Big Show’s extended celebrations, but it’s kind of the musical equivalent of George Lucas’ Star Wars special editions. It’s snazzier, but did anyone really ask for this?


The Giant may have been out of place when he debuted in the Dungeon of Doom; he was an imposing force with a huge upside alongside the squat face-painted Kevin Sullivan, the way-past-his-prime Kamala, the never-had-a-good-WCW-gimmick John Tenta, and the inexplicable Zodiac. However, the Dungeon of Doom’s ominous theme worked great for The Giant. Random yelling and a gloomy tune turns out to really mesh well with an angry giant who claims to be the son of Andre!


While he spent all of 2007 and a few months in developmental, The Big Show has been able to remain relevant in the WWE for over a decade and a half due to his ability to be both a monster and an entertainer; he’ll chokeslam and punch out fellow behemoths one week, then steal scenes in SNL, The Waterboy, and MacGruber the next. Even it seems like the WWE luckily stumbled into The Big Show as Paul Wight’s moniker, his iconic theme went a long way in establishing his mammoth stature. He’s a big fighter but he can also put on a pretty entertaining event. Sure, his new theme is sleeker, but this one had a helicopter shining the lights on his name!


What do you think of our rankings? Did we set things right or should we get ready for something that we never knew? Let us know with your comments on The Big Show’s various themes!

5 thoughts on “Big Show Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday

  1. While Big Show will always be Giant to me (and to Sting to as he called him Giant when talking to that 7 year old girl) and his finisher will always be the chokeslam, he never had a theme that was any good until he became Big Show. I agree that the original is much better than the newer version. btw, I love the entrance theme articles keep it up. Maybe you could Hulk Hogan sometime. He has many different themes and my favorite has to be Jimi Hendrix NWO remix. Even though I grew up a Hulkamaniac, I just recently realized my favorite Hulk is Hollywood Hulk.

  2. #1 all the way. It made him what he is for the last decade. I love when he shows off some of that personality of his. I still remember seeing him for the first time on WCW, confronting Hulk Hogan, claiming to be Andre The Giants’ son.

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