Cape Crisis #157 – A Grab Bag Of Adventure


Henry is doing this extra large episode with some real special guests! First off, Marvel Heroes 2015’s own Chris Baker joins Dave and Chris for talk (and a quiz) about old comic book games, followed by Brett coming on to discuss the big news of the week, AND the community replies…


In case you missed it, there’s a new Laser Time Patreon going, with some really cool rewards and milestone we’d love to reach with your help! Lots of new comic book content on Laser Time too. You should definitely check out¬†our YouTube channel. It’s got winning stuff like the hosts eating Fantastic Four themed food and Tim Burton coming to Arkham Knight!

Additionally, if you’ve yet to check them out, Laser Time has special commentaries for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 available on the Laser Time Bandcamp page, along with many others. Pick ’em up for $1.99¬†apiece.











Cape Crisis #157 Question: Whats your favorite collectors edition comic?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #157 – A Grab Bag Of Adventure

  1. I love Joysticks! Yes, it’s a crappy Porky’s ripoff, but that movie actually has a lovely and progressive message about friendship. The dorky guy gets fucked with and made fun of, but he’s still their buddy. It’s all in good fun and they have his back, even the jock and the Booger ripoff! No 80s movie had that, the nerds were always social pariahs. In a silly movie about video games before anyone was making movies about video games, you should at least respect that. And it’s super fun to watch as an amateur video game historian.

  2. I think the only Muppet game that would work is one made by Telltale. You play as a muppety intern that has to use the art of conversation to ensure the show goes on. Think of the possibilities: 1) Kermit overhears you telling someone it is easy being green. Kermit will remember that. 2) You need to convince Fozzie to go on stage and preform his material after he reads an AV Club article ripping his act to shreds. 3) You need to keep Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem calm as they seem extra paranoid after some special brownies.

    And if Telltale is too busy give it to Dontnod of Life is Strange fame to do it, but these are the ramblings of a telltale games addicted soul.

  3. I couldn’t find the rest of that code you said you tweeted out Henry.

    Although, if it was, like, one-use, I don’t imagine it matters at this point anyway.

  4. A nice discussion of the season opener of Agents Of Shield. I hope you guys talk about The Flash season premiere on the next episode of Cape Crisis. The season finale was pretty amazing and should be discussed along with the the season opener.

    There needs to be more discussions of comic book TV series on Cape Crisis. Of course not every show is discussion worthy (Gotham comes to mind) but Flash had a strong first season, so LT crew, please make the weekly discussion of Flash happen.

  5. Because we only had TaleSpin to go by, we pronounced the game “Maximum Car-nahj” for years, like dum-dums.

    QOTW: I wasted money on the Uncanny X-Men: Fatal Attractions omnibus. It’s too big to hold and read, and the pages don’t stay down. I bought the digital version on the Marvel app, and thought there was a ton of stuff that didn’t even need to be in the collection. I just wanted to get to the parts I’d only seen on Fleer ’94 cards as a kid.

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