The NES Launch Games – Let’s Do This!


Every Thursday we play a different Nintendo game for Twitch viewers, and because October marks the United States launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System, we’re diving into its launch games! They aren’t all great, as you’ll see today LIVE at 3:00PM Pacific time!

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PHOTO CREDIT: Image by ProfessorMegaman.

5 thoughts on “The NES Launch Games – Let’s Do This!

  1. That Pinball game was surprisingly interesting to watch.

    Also: seconding the Eternal Darkness suggestion. I never played it, but it always sounded interesting to watch.

  2. Would youse guys ever consider streaming FMV games “Plumbers Don’t wear ties” and “Ripper” are two games I bet youse guys will slap your knees at not only are they easy but they are also fun to make fun of. You should check em out on YouTube to see if they’re right for LT

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