Triple H Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday


“Higher Brain Pattern” was a pretty great theme for Triple H when he started using it; after an awful first theme with The Corporation, this tune was a great one to mark The Game’s ascent to the main event. It was unlike anything else in the WWF at the time and conveyed a sense of edgy seriousness. The only reason it doesn’t


As the modern-day Four Horsemen, Evolution was never a “run to the ring together” kind of faction. They were more about celebrating their past, present, and future, which “Line in the Sand” was great for. It may be a bit on the slow side, but a song touting the four biggest heels on the roster at the time didn’t need to be speedy.


As far as WWF’s rap-infused remixes of the late 90s went, “The Kings” worked out pretty well. DX had used the same theme for roughly two years, and as great as it is, some freshness was needed. Run-DMC’s interpretation not only added some edge, but it also reflected the Attitude Era’s DX at its most powerful.


By far Triple H’s longest-lasting theme, “The Game” has been in use for well over 14 years with breaks for assorted faction themes and other Motorhead tunes. It’s synonymous with Triple H at his most powerful, and Motorhead’s delivery and lyrics put forth that dominance in a way that doesn’t seem plodding. It’s not perfect, but it starts out great in a way that almost always pops the crowd.


DX’s “Break it Down” is like the nWo’s also-iconic theme; it represented a long-lasting faction for its biggest moments and instantly evokes a reaction from crowds, (whether it was being played for the first time or at WrestleMania 31 this year). It’s got a great build when you want a slow burn, but unlike the nWo’s theme, the intro can be cut out to make for a fast tune when the situation permits.


Now here is the best theme that represents Triple H as a singles wrestler; he emerged from the shadow of Shawn Michaels and aimed to overcome the comedic elements of his DX brethren. When so many bigger names were fighting atop the WWE (Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker), Triple H had to make a statement to stake his claim as the number-one guy, and “My Time” was that declaration. This song served him well during his first dominant run, and it could just as easily be put into any part of his career and not sound off. It’s a great theme for a great character with a lot of complexity, and that’s why it’s Triple H’s best.


What do you think of the rankings? What’s your favorite and least-favorite Triple H theme? Sound off in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Triple H Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday

  1. I always liked the fact the Triple H who clearly a big fan of Motorhead, a well known band, has had them consistently make original tracks for his entrance. Any other example for other wrestlers who had original tracks for them were probably by one of the many now forgotten one hit rap metal groups churned out in the prior decade.

      1. I’ll have to check it but the distinction I’m making is the songs by Motorhead appear to be written with the WWE/HHH.

  2. “up until Daniel Bryan, classical music never popped a crowd.”

    Pretty sure Randy Savage and Ric Flair didn’t have any trouble with that.

  3. I gotta say, this list seems pretty right to me. I figured the Motorhead song would be number 1 but for me “My Time” is how I remember Triple H’s theme. 1-4 are some really great songs.

  4. Glad you went with the original theme and not the Drowing Pool version brotha! Another barn burner, sloberknocking list yo!

  5. I have no problem with #1 through 7. Every one of these theme’s reflect an important part of his career. I have to admit, I am a bit partial to #7. My first experience with Triple H was as his Hunter Hearst Helmsley character in WWF. I still remember Sable escorting him to the ring and his ridiculous rivalry with Marc Mero. Does anyone remember him!? Please do yourself a favor and google Marc Mero; nowadays he sort of looks like The Joker without makeup.

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