Laser Time – Halloween Comfort Food


October is here and it’s time to get SPOOOOOOOOOKY! We’re dispensing with our annual entertainment traditions and we wanna know what TV, movies, etc. you consider to be Halloween standards?


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32 thoughts on “Laser Time – Halloween Comfort Food

    1. Legit! All about Pete and Pete; have never seen this episode thou, must seek it out after I finish watching Daylight on Hd-Dvd yo!

  1. The Pete and Pete episode Halloweenie Is something I watch every year now because I have a little brother who’s still “of age” to go trick ‘r treating, but mostly because of the reverence the episode has for Halloween and how crazy Halloween looks on this street. In fact it was so messy their production of the show had to be moved to a new city after the town the filmed this episode in got angry over such a huge mess. Plus it’s got Iggy Pop

  2. Without spoiling my forthcoming list; I recently re watched tales from the Crypt Demon Knight and why didnt Billy Zane go onto Hollywood megastardom and why didnt Demon Knight get a sequel? Bordello of blood while not bad; is just ruined now by Denis Miller and whenever people walk in on my watching it, they Immediately ask me why am I watching Joe Dirt?! For me nothing says Halloween like Tales from the Crypt. If this was covered on the show please forgive me, have not had a chance to listen to it yet.

  3. Halloween on Laser Time is the reason for the season. Did you guys watch the Rick and Morty finale yet? Heart wrenching

  4. Every year my girlfriend and I pull out some scary movies from the DVD library to watch. This year I chose Event Horizon, Maximum Overdrive, A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 (and 2, if we have time), and the original The Haunting – but I’m adding at the last minute, if I can get it from Amazon in time, Tremors. I haven’t seen it in years, and she hasn’t seen it at all.

    As far as Halloween standards, it’s got to be the original Poltergeist for me. Still one of the scariest movies ever made. And if anyone still hasn’t seen It Follows, do yourself a favor and check it out this month for a spooky good time.

  5. The weather in Hawaii has been exactly the same as in San Francisco, the temperature was still about 88, but when the wind started in October it suddenly felt much cooler.

    My girlfriend and I watched all the Roger Corman Edgar Allen Poe movies with Vincent Price a couple of Octobers ago, along with a bunch of other Corman movies, and Vincent Price horrors, and other horror movies mostly from the 60s and 70s. Last year we watched a bunch of Italian horror movies, and had Rockytober, watching all the numbered Rocky movies. It’s cool to have a theme for a season, with Netflix you can pretty easily put together a schedule of baseball movies, election movies, Christmas movies, whatever you can cobble together.

    1. I also watched the first four Hellraiser movies last year, the first two are pretty good, the third one is super 80’s and not good, the fourth one is a prequel, and not terrible.

  6. It’s kind of cliche, but I always love to watch at least the original Halloween film on the day in question. Last year, my friends and I ended up watching 1, 2, H20 and the opening scene of Resurrection. Other than that, I’ve tuned into AMC Fear Fest for the last 4 or 5 years, so I routinely see a bunch of Friday the 13ths, other Halloweens, and a whole host of random horror films (plenty of Stephen King included).

  7. They try to put out halloween related stuff in stores in Australia but it isn’t that celebrated here mainly because the more patriotic (racist) Australians don’t want American customs.

    1. Yeah my parents were those patriotic Australians back in the day and wouldn’t let me go Trick or Treating. In my hometown rarely anyone gave out lollies and most of the time I’d look outside seeing disappointed kids in costume lucky to find two or three houses giving stuff out.

  8. The closest thing I have to, like, a movie I watch every Halloween is Hocus Pocus. Because it’s just on TV constantly. And also, it’s, like, one of my mom’s favorite movies.

  9. I’m weird about horror movies because I can take slasher movies, but if it is more supernatural horror I check out. Why weird rational is nothing I can ever do can stop say demon possession, but I can theoretically fight off the crazy guy with a machete. But, and I’m sure this will surprise no one, my favorite type of horror is stuff like Horrors of the Malformed Man or some Miike Takeshi movies, movies that are so outlandish and bizarre that they don’t scare me, but entertain my on a somewhat sick level.

  10. I’m more into watching a list of Christmas movies than Halloween movies but the one i do enjoy watching if i get around to at this time is Pet Cemetery. I love anything to do with the paranormal such as ghosts and haunting and this is one of those kinda horror movies that is totally up my alley, that and the ammytiville horror and yes i meant the original. I’m quite surprised Hollywood havent gotten its clause on a pet cemmetry remake yet. maybe in this case sometimes dead is better.

  11. Chris, you really should check out a newer horror film called Animal. I believe it came out this year and it is really good and highly underrated, or at the very least you owe it to yourself to watch the trailer. Also check out a movie called The House October Built, it’s not as good as Animal, but it’s something to look into.

  12. Addams Family (both movies) every year. I was lukewarm on it when I was a kid and now it’s one of my favorites.

  13. I can’t explain why this episode had me smiling and laughing more than usual, but this was one of the best eps in awhile. A fair panoply of subjects were discussed, including a lingering focus on an Adventure Time episode! I should probably ask this in the forums, but I’d like to know if anyone’s still following Adventure Time since I don’t hear it discussed too much anymore. I think it’s still great even if Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are even hotter right now, and it’s had a lot of disturbing imagery in it since The Creeps. Man, about Lemongrab… whup, I’ve said too much.

  14. My yearly traditional Halloween playlist consists of:

    Haunted Honeymoon
    Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
    It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    I know that list skews family friendly but that’s how it’s always been with me.

    I do try to watch at least one horror movie I haven’t seen a night during October. I watched Bobcat Goldthwaits Willow Creek last night. It wasn’t terrible. It had a tense and lengthy Blair Witch tent type scene.

  15. Yeah as someone who lives in the UK, I can confirm that Halloween really isn’t that big, despite a presence of pumpkins and decorations. Trick or treating does happen, although I never did it as a kid, every house generally has some chocolate or sweets ready to give out. It was fairly big in uni, where everyone would dress up and go clubbing in costumes.

  16. Typically I make a habit of busting out eerie indiana during halloween, also love popping in Nightmare on elmstreet 3 Dream warriors. This year I’m gonna go a bit darker. Seven has been gathering dust for quite some time. I will commit to seeing that. I definitely consider it a horror movie.

  17. My new favorite is Over the Garden Wall. Super great animated miniseries with a creepy villain and just as creepy, but also endearing, characters.

  18. Rocky Horror Picture Show ! Rocky Horror Picture Show! Rocky Horror Picture Show! My local theater has a midnight showing that is wonderful insanity. I’ll uaually listen to a ton of the Misfitsame and watch absolute garbage and sometimes foreign horror movies Also Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (which Charles Schultz has said isn’t an allegory to religion, sorry to be that guy but I can’t let my favorite Charlie Brown special be misinterpreted) just to round out the holiday.

  19. My comfort food for halloween is the only horror movie I know of that is about killer junk food, The Stuff. Imagine the blob, but its goal is to have you eat it so it can eat you from the inside out. Its silly, campy, and not actually that scary, but it makes me laugh every time I watch it.

    1. Enough is never enough.

      One year for Halloween I dressed up as a “stuffy”. I used a container of marshmallow fluff and put The Stuff label around it.

  20. Props for the Space Vampire shoutout, Mike Grimm. It was the only one of those books I owned as a kid and I cherished it throughout my teen years. I still have my old copy at my parents’ house.

  21. My halloween comfort thing would be psychobilly. The weird bastard child of rockabilly and punk which incorporates lots of pulpy horror elements. Good examples would be nekromantix and mad sin, I always dig out my cds around this time of year.

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