Daredevil Season 2 And Jessica Jones Get New Teasers For NYCC


Marvel and Netflix are both getting ready for a big weekend with a couple of special teasers…

San Diego may get all the headlines in the summer, but no fall comic collective is as big as New York Comic-Con, or NYCC. From October 8 to 11, comic news will come flying in from the East Coast, from the books themselves to film and TV. And obviously New York’s greatest heroes of Netflix will be there as well. If you don’t believe us, check out Joe Quesada’s killer promotional poster for 2016’s Daredevil return…


Firstly, I’d say this pretty much confirms the costume is here to stay. Also, it’s a real treat to see new art from Quesada, a penciler-turned-executive at Marvel who rarely has the time to draw all that much. And to pick back up his pen for one of his most famous characters is even better.

We’ll get some of our first details of season 2 of Daredevil at an NYCC panel – please show Punisher footage, PLEASE – but he won’t be the only hero. After weeks of teases, this weekend will apparently play host to our first long form look at Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Marvel’s next streaming series. Speaking of teasers, here’s a new one that seems to confirm Netflix’s version of Jones can fly about as well as her comic book self.

By the way, if you want to get to know Jones before the premiere, all of her best appearances are right below, and buying any of those on Amazon will help out Laser Time at no extra cost to you!










2 thoughts on “Daredevil Season 2 And Jessica Jones Get New Teasers For NYCC

  1. I hope this means the new (or modified) suit will be all red. I really like that poster. I still don’t know much about Jessica Jones other than what you’ve said on Cape Crisis. I look forward to discovering the character on the new series. Thanks for the write up.


    Marvel Studios history has shown that the first trailers for the next film of the next year have often dropped around the October 20’s of the last few years. So it’s possible we’ll see our first footage of Civil War in a few weeks. Keep that in mind when recording Cape Crisis for October 22nd or October 29th.

  2. I get to watch two seasons of Daredevil and a new Jessica Jones series. I’m super giddy about this. It always ends up being everything but the comics that keeps me interested in DC or Marvel properties. Not that I dislike the comics in anyway. I just find it easier to enjoy content in snippets like this than trying to get into years of comic book history.

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