Cape Crisis #158 – Kentucky Fried Podcast


Hank, Chris, and Dave get together during one of the busiest release weeks in comics, and we don’t just mean the KFC comic. All-New, All-Different Marvel is here, plus Jughead, pre-NYCC news, and your responses…


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Cape Crisis #158 Question: Do you have a favorite promotional comic?

3 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #158 – Kentucky Fried Podcast

  1. All-New Marvel is gonna make me broke. I only ended up getting Secret Wars 6 and the first issue of ASM this week cause of that $5.99 price point, but damn it do I want Avengers and Iron Man. And this is only one week.

  2. Erica Henderson’s art ruins everything she works on for me. She can’t draw faces consistently. Jughead looks like a 12 year old drew it. I feel the same way about John Romita Jr. Nothing kills my interest quicker than when he takes over a book.

    I’m not a big fan of ASM’s direction, but I know it is necessary to build Peter way way way up so the fall can mean more when it happens. One thing I am excited about, because you know it is what they are building towards is having Parker Industries VS. Oscorp. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see this eventually lead to the return of Doc Oct, building his own corporation to compete with Oscorp and Parker Industries. Well, that might be too much, but maybe Peter will be forced to hire Oct as a consultant to make his company run better when he inevitably starts to screw it up.

  3. It’s strange to hear Hank commend Squirrel Girl in the same episode where he rips apart that Miller Superman cover. For me, it’s just slightly different shades of art I think looks hideous.

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