6 Marvel Heroes Who Need To Star In The Unnamed MCU Films


Three unnamed films are a chance to widen the spotlight, but which hero – or heroes – deserve the chance?

Marvel Studios is out to control the rest of your life, or at least that’s how it seems based on the number of films they keep announcing. First there was the epic announcement of Marvel’s Phase 3, then a few months later came the glorious addition of an MCU Spider-Man film in 2017, and now FOUR MORE FILMS have been added in, going all the way to the end of 2020. Which is exciting if I don’t think about all the possible heroes that’ll star and not how I’ll be nearly 40 by then.

Who’ll be the next to join these jokers?

The depression of aging aside, today brought word the the little hero that could, Ant-Man, will get a July 6, 2018 sequel titled Ant-Man And The Wasp, meaning that post-credits teaser wasn’t all BS. Additionally, Marvel announced unnamed films in 2020, coming May 1, July 10, and November 6. Now, we could be cynical and say “Duh, those dates are for sequels to Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spider-Man,” but let’s dream for a bit instead and imagine some new heroes getting a chance at making movie history. Here are some of the most deserving Avengers alums out there, along with how they could easily fit into the MCU…



Why her? This one is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue. Everybody loves The Hulk, and the enduring popularity of She-Hulk proves people are just as excited for a woman taking on the role of a green wrecking machine. Jennifer Walters is Hulk’s cousin, and after a Banner blood transfusion, Jen becomes a crazy strong hero. The difference is that She-Hulk keeps her intelligence, continuing to work as a lawyer while also keeping up her Avengers membership, leading to a unique mix of slugfest and legal battles.


How will she fit in the MCU? Keeping her relationship to Hulk at least semi-intact is key, because you’ll want to transfer the mainstream’s love for Bruce Banner over to MCU’s Jennifer Walters. Mark Ruffalo needs a limited appearance on-screen to make the name-sharing official. Her solo adventures can be about keeping a public profile while also being a seven-foot-tall green woman, beating up criminals in-between court cases. She’s literally and figuratively the strong woman that MCU needs more of, and just having “Hulk” in the title will bring in folks who will learn to love her just like so many comic fans.

Young Avengers


Why them? Don’t call them sidekicks. These teenage heroes were inspired by the world famous Avengers to take on their own mantles, saving the world while also having sexy and/or emotional conversations. I’m envisioning a team akin to the recent Gillen/McKelvie run that had the most diverse and queer team in Marvel history. People will come to see Kid Loki, and stay because they’re in awe of Miss America.


How will they fit in the MCU? Aside from the upcoming 15 year-old Spider-Man, every major MCU character is closer to 30 than their teens. Young Avengers would serve a more youthful set of viewers, especially ones interested in diversity alongside the super-powered fights. Obviously the Avengers are super famous in the MCU, so why wouldn’t they inspire a handful of kids to do good. Not to mention films like Maze Runner and Hunger Games are huge right now, and Marvel could use Young Avengers to serve that same audience.



Why him? Guardians of the Galaxy opened up an entire cosmos of possibilities in MCU’s outer space world, and this would just keep it going. Sam Alexander is a teen Earthling who unwittingly gains the power of a human rocket, joining The Nova Corps, which is basically a police force for the universe. Sam’s a relatable kid learning how to fly and punch stuff, making an origin story an obvious fit. It’d be the same setting as Guardians of the Galaxy, but with more of Thor’s spectacle.


How will he fit in the MCU? First off, the Nova Corps already exists, though in MCU they’re just a peace keeping army without too many superpowers of their own. But maybe with their own Infinity Gem, they build super soldiers to battle the next Ronan, only the helmet somehow ends up in Sam Alexander’s hands. Honestly, I don’t even need to make up too much, because this 2013 comic works pretty damn well as a spin-off to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

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9 thoughts on “6 Marvel Heroes Who Need To Star In The Unnamed MCU Films

  1. I know that it’s not likely to happen so close to Captain Marvel, but a Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel movie would be so fun.

  2. Putting aside how upset I am that Captain Marvel has been pushed back for a SECOND TIME less than a year after it was originally announced and that I’m seriously doubting whether Marvel actually intends to make that film…

    Spider-Man is one of the mystery movies 100%. Of course Black Widow should get a movie but I can’t see it happening now. I’d love to see a Young Avengers movie but I think a TV series is more likely.

    She-Hulk could be a good bet as the best way to make a Hulk movie might be to have someone else as the star. Bruce could be in a supporting role to Jennifer until we get an inevitable Hulk team-up at the end.

    My prediction (assuming it does get made) is that Captain Marvel’s post-credits scene will reveal Kamala Khan, who will then have a role in Inhumans and then in Phase 4 gets her own movie!

  3. Pipe dream: Blade, Ghost Rider, Black Widow (2020 would be TEN YEARS to the date of her debut in Iron Man 2 – I’m not holding my breath)

    More likely: Spider-Man 2, Guardians 3, and… Iron Man 4 with a new actor cast as Tony Stark, or a character to replace Stark as Iron Man.

    Wild card: depending on what happens in Thor 3, one of those movies could be Lady Thor.

  4. Namor, Nova, and Namor top my list. I think ScarJo will be out of the MCU as a major player after IW #2 so black widow is out. I think we will definitely get some sequels in there to franchise they’re introducing (Black panther, dr strange).

    Fantastic Four I think is the very real possibility that I think will be closer to happening than not. If a sit-down can happen, using Doom and Galactus as the next major villains of the MCU would keep it fresh after Thanos and provide something more in the “we’ve never seen that in a movie before!”

    What I REALLY hope they do is pair these heroes up more for movies so it isn’t just solo or full on team movies. Iron man and Cap are getting there but continue that trend.

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