6 Marvel Heroes Who Need To Star In The Unnamed MCU Films



Why him? In the comics, the first Marvel hero isn’t Spider-Man, or even Captain America. 1939’s Marvel Comics #1 stars Namor, The Submariner (among others), and he’s been a lovable anti hero ever since. He’s a surly leader of the oceans, with flight and invincible skin, and has gone blow-for-blow with The Hulk. His 75th anniversary came and went without a film, so let’s make it up to him with his own movie in 2020. And if they cast Channing Tatum in the role, he’d fit those green trunks nicely.


How will he fit in the MCU? Keep Namor the unaging Alatean, along with his World War II past. We saw a lot of Captain America’s WWII adventures, but have Namor’s movie start with a forgotten chapter in Steve Rogers battles across Europe. Cap meets the mysterious Submariner, a proud man who eventually comes to respect Steve. Now, after all of the trouble in the surface world, Namor comes out of hiding in modern day and tries to understand the world of air breathers. It’s a cliche to use the term “fish out of water,” but it’s a great starting point for a Namor feature.

Black Widow


Why her? Natasha Romanov is a highly trained, gorgeous superspy played by one of the most famous people on the planet. Black Widow has costarred in multiple billion dollar movies and has a gripping, tragic origin that’s only been hinted at in previous appearances. By the end of Age of Ultron, she’s basically the co-leader of the damn Avengers. How does this woman not have a film of her own that isn’t an SNL parody?!?!

How will she fit in the MCU? Age of Ultron gives you the perfect in. Scarlet Witch gives Black Widow a vision of her past that shows BW’s brutal, traumatic training, opening the door for Natasha to finally track down her old masters. It’d be a globe-spanning adventure in the James Bond mold, only with super-powered henchmen and perhaps an appearance from the Serpent Society. Hell, if you could get Madame Hydra involved, then Spider-Woman could be added to the film as a possible adversary-turned-hero, finally adding her to the MCU. And it’ll star Scarlett Johansson, the biggest star in Marvel not named Robert Downey Jr. This makes too much sense not to happen in 2020.

Fantastic Four


Why them? Allow me one really out there, Hail Mary of a pick on this list, ok? See, Fox has been unwilling to give Marvel back film rights to Fantastic Four, leading to diminished FF visibility and one of 2015’s biggest film failures. Seriously, Denny’s food was better than that movie. The series may be forever poisoned at Fox after that, while Marvel has so many great comics to draw from when adding them to the MCU. If Kevin Feige could make it happen with Spider-Man, why can’t the FF be next.


How will he fit in the MCU? Most of the world already pretends 2015’s FF film didn’t happen, so the MCU will do the same. Yes, it means seeing another collective of four strangers go into space and get strange powers, but to save us the origin story, tie it in to 2019’s Inhumans movie. The FF and Inhumans are so closely linked in the comics that it’s natural to first see Johnny, Ben, Sue, and Reed make a first appearance in Inhumans, then follow that with a film the next year. If it works for Spidey in Civil War next year, then Marvel’s First Family should be the next target. Now that Marvel Studios has new leadership, this feels closer than ever to happening.

Think any of these are possible? Do you wish they’d just make a Squirrel Girl/Howard The Duck team-up movie? Want to call me an idiot? I welcome all that and more in the comments below!










9 thoughts on “6 Marvel Heroes Who Need To Star In The Unnamed MCU Films

  1. I know that it’s not likely to happen so close to Captain Marvel, but a Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel movie would be so fun.

  2. Putting aside how upset I am that Captain Marvel has been pushed back for a SECOND TIME less than a year after it was originally announced and that I’m seriously doubting whether Marvel actually intends to make that film…

    Spider-Man is one of the mystery movies 100%. Of course Black Widow should get a movie but I can’t see it happening now. I’d love to see a Young Avengers movie but I think a TV series is more likely.

    She-Hulk could be a good bet as the best way to make a Hulk movie might be to have someone else as the star. Bruce could be in a supporting role to Jennifer until we get an inevitable Hulk team-up at the end.

    My prediction (assuming it does get made) is that Captain Marvel’s post-credits scene will reveal Kamala Khan, who will then have a role in Inhumans and then in Phase 4 gets her own movie!

  3. Pipe dream: Blade, Ghost Rider, Black Widow (2020 would be TEN YEARS to the date of her debut in Iron Man 2 – I’m not holding my breath)

    More likely: Spider-Man 2, Guardians 3, and… Iron Man 4 with a new actor cast as Tony Stark, or a character to replace Stark as Iron Man.

    Wild card: depending on what happens in Thor 3, one of those movies could be Lady Thor.

  4. Namor, Nova, and Namor top my list. I think ScarJo will be out of the MCU as a major player after IW #2 so black widow is out. I think we will definitely get some sequels in there to franchise they’re introducing (Black panther, dr strange).

    Fantastic Four I think is the very real possibility that I think will be closer to happening than not. If a sit-down can happen, using Doom and Galactus as the next major villains of the MCU would keep it fresh after Thanos and provide something more in the “we’ve never seen that in a movie before!”

    What I REALLY hope they do is pair these heroes up more for movies so it isn’t just solo or full on team movies. Iron man and Cap are getting there but continue that trend.

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