Agents of SHIELD “Purpose in the Machine” Review

Agents of SHIELD, marvel, marvel cinematic universe, MCU, ABC, episode, season 3, review, purpose in the machine

Hopefully you’re caught up. We’re about to leap right through the portal with this one.

Simmons is saved! Once again, Fitz was the all-star of this episode, on his unwavering path to saving Simmons. It was very powerful to see him jump into the portal without hesitation, leading to a tense rescue scene that ended with our beloved Simmons finally back home.

We barely knew ye monolith, and now you are but dust. It feels strange to have it gone so soon, but it gels with the fast pace the show has adopted. I hope we still get a chance to learn what exactly it was, and why it existed in the first place.

It was also great to see Elliot Randolph back from Season 1, naturally integrated into the action. He has a very enjoyable presence on the show, and a character who holds the answers to so many of our questions. You know you got a little excited when he mentioned hearing about the Inhumans so long ago.

Agents of SHIELD, marvel, marvel cinematic universe, MCU, ABC, episode, season 3, review, purpose in the machine

Welcome back, Elliot.

Two key people we didn’t see last week also made their presence felt in this episode. One of these is Agent Ward, who made quite a brutal return. The yacht scene was great fun, and seeing Ward mop the floor — or boat — and finish the last guy off with a dirty bullet perfectly illustrated his character. On top of that, it was a nice twist (and connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe) to see him take a Von Strucker child under his wing in his mission to rebuild Hydra.

As for May, her story mostly fell flat. A good idea maybe, but the execution wasn’t the best — the scenes between her and her father had no energy. It was good to hear from her, though, and to finally learn what’s been going on inside of her head during her absence. I love the dark idea of May and Hunter teaming up to hunt down Ward, and I can only hope Bobbi (who is still pretty motionless) gets in on the action too.

Blair Underwood’s Dr. Garner also made a return this episode, and carved what seems to be a bigger role for him in the overall season: we learned that he has the power to approve new Inhumans for work within the task force Daisy and Mack are building. I already like the Garner-Daisy dynamic, and I look forward to more. He also earns the achievement for coining the “Secret Warriors” name, something I’m sure will stick around.

Agents of SHIELD, marvel, marvel cinematic universe, MCU, ABC, episode, season 3, review, purpose in the machine

A sight for sore eyes.

Daisy — it’s still odd to not call her Skye — further developed her powers by re-opening the portal. It was neat to see her skills used in such a specific way, showcasing just how much control she possesses now. Part of me was expecting more of a reveal behind the frequency affecting only her, but it could easily come back up next week. Side note: Mack called her “Tremor!”

Season 3 is off to a strong start, and things are speeding along. With the monolith destroyed and Simmons rescued, no one’s wasting time. I’m hoping the trend continues, and that we learn what really happened to Simmons sooner rather than later.

Article by contributor Russ Milheim.

2 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD “Purpose in the Machine” Review

  1. It’s great to see Fitz as such a strong character this season. I’m curious to see if rolls of Fitz and Simmons are switched this season now that she’s back. I really thought they were going to drag out the Monolith / Across the Galaxy thing until mid-season which I would have been okay with. But when both Fitz and Simmons made it back, I was very surprised by that.

    I don’t know where this season is going, but I like that sense of uncertainty. Thanks fo the write-up!

  2. Enjoyed the ep, but know what you mean re: the scenes between May and her dad. They remind me of Season 1… two characters spouting lines that SOUND like lines, with no actual human emotion behind them. Feels flat, bland, unnatural. I do like May as a character, but these moment’s didn’t do it for me.

    Trying to figure out what that planet might be… has to be something C-tier since they wouldn’t waste a big locale on the show.

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