New Gamera Trailer is Really Neat, Meaty!


GAMERA! Friend to children! Enemy to reboots! The lovable flying turtle monster has not abandoned us!

Fresh from New York Comic-Con, we have a meaty little trailer (FOUR MINUTES!) for a new Gamera movie I didn’t even know existed. I believe this marks Gamera’s 4th reboot, last seen in 2006’s Gamera the Brave, but lacking the ability to speak Japanese usually means I’m wrong about such things. We love our giant monsters here at Laser Time, so of course it’s impossible not to get lose a tiny bit of our dignity and clap like a circus seals over a new offering from the world’s greatest bipedal, non-ninja turtle (sorry Franklin.)

Why am I so excited? No idea, honestly. I’ve seen more Gamera films than James Bond movies, but damned if they don’t become increasingly more forgettable without a white Midwestern dude and two robots watching along with me. But thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000, anything involving Gamera always puts a little pep in my step. Or at the very least, removes a little bit of the bad taste left in movie goers mouths left by Godzilla’s 2014 snooze of a reintroduction. Seriously, the lengthy trailer almost works like a short monster film unto itself. MOAR PLEASE!


6 thoughts on “New Gamera Trailer is Really Neat, Meaty!

  1. It’s seems way to late for me to watch all the classic Japanese monster movies for the first time considering how badly they aged but I’m glad to see Japan is making a movie that has good enough cgi to make Hollywood run for its money. We need more movies like this from Japan and I will gladly watch each one.

  2. The 90s trilogy and 2006 standalone Gamera films are still fun, they seem to be fairly legitimately serious movies as opposed to the MST3K shlock we were all told about so I would at least check those out for anyone interested.

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