Back to the Future’s Best Game Appearance Yet Will Be In Rocket League


In a month filled with great Back to the Future re-releases and new memorabilia, a $2 DLC pack in an arcade soccer game may be the best way to mix nostalgia with a fun game. Read on for more info about the DeLorean’s debut in Rocket League.

2015 has been a momentous year for the Back to the Future franchise as we celebrated the original film’s thirty year anniversary back in June (with a free commentary for the original film and a list of Back to the Future’s most obscure trivia) and now have another momentous occasion on the horizon. In Back to the Future Part II, Marty, Doc, Einstein, and Jennifer traveled to next Wednesday (October 21st, 2015) to save Marty’s kids. Plenty of what was promised for this year in that movie hasn’t come to pass — like functional hoverboards, Miami in the MLB Playoffs, and Jaws 19 in theaters — but we do have hovering cars, at least in video games.

In a sports development we’re sure didn’t make the pages of Gray’s Sports Almanac, Rocket League has become a Game of the Year candidate thanks to its ingenious mix of cool cars and a fast-paced take on soccer. For as fun as the gameplay is and as rad as the rocket-powered vehicles look, the most famous flying vehicle has yet to be seen, but that will change next Wednesday with the addition of the Back to the Future Car Pack to Rocket League. Check out the trailer below:

Pretty rad, huh?! While your wallet may smart after buying a copy of Telltale’s Back to the Future on new-gen consoles or the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Blu-ray set, you’ll only need $2 to buy a brand-new DeLorean to fly on Rocket League’s field. Load up your PSN account with some Sony simoleons, get the greatest movie car of all time next week, and perhaps we’ll see you on the field (or in the skies)! In the meantime, check out this month’s other big Back to the Future game release — the Lego Dimensions level pack — in the video below:

2 thoughts on “Back to the Future’s Best Game Appearance Yet Will Be In Rocket League

  1. As some who has been waiting for more Rocket League dlc, I can’t wait for this. I can’t wait for the Rocket League matches to be filled with more Doc Browns and Martys than you can shake a sports almanac at.

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