Friday The 13th Video Game Unmasked On Kickstarter


Video games and Friday the 13th both reached great heights in the 1980s, but attempts to fuse the two didn’t work out so well. A new Kickstarter-backed game might have the solution; playing as Jason!

A great Friday the 13th game has been something children of the 1980s have eagerly awaited three decades for. There have been previous attempts (which we’ll discuss a little later), but the biggest reason is that gamers have longed to play as the franchise’s star for years instead of the interchangeable counselors (that’s why fans flocked to Mortal Kombat X’s inclusion of the masked murderer). The recently revealed Kickstarter-funded Friday the 13th game looks to solve the primary problem by putting a player in the shoes of Jason, but it may have also found a way to make playing as Jason’s targets fun! Check out the teaser, which… actually doesn’t really show much of how the game is played, but it’s got a new-gen-ified Jason, which is neat!

According to the developers, the multiplayer-focused game will pit Jason against a group of seven camp counselors as they attempt to stop the horror icon’s path of destruction. There will be many ways to avoid Jason’s grasp; escaping via boat or car or even calling the police by repairing the phone lines. The teens each have unique traits to help take on Jason, as the “Edgy Guy” can fix a car to escape, the “Jock” can absorb more damage, and the “Girl Next Door” has the ability to score a rare kill against the villain (because that’s usually the archetype that survives a Friday the 13th movie). Jason has his own moves as he can stab and slam any counselors stupid enough to enter his personal space.

While the premise is indeed intriguing, there’s also plenty of talent on board to ensure Friday the 13th’s authenticity. Many names that have been involved with Friday the 13th during its heyday will be involved, including series creator Sean S. Cunningham, special effects artist Tom Savini, composer Harry Manfredini, and the man behind the mask himself, Kane Hodder. The developers at Gun and Illfonic aren’t quite the household names but have decades of experience at triple-A developers and publishers like EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Bethesda, Microsoft, and Insomniac. It’ll be interesting to see how all of that talent can put together such an ambitious project for $800,000 (though there’s a good chance it’ll pass some stretch goals before the Kickstarter expires in November on… Friday the 13th!). You can support the game and learn more about the project via a mini-documentary (where you can see Kane Hodder nearly kill Adam Sessler) on the Friday the 13th Kickstarter page.

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3 thoughts on “Friday The 13th Video Game Unmasked On Kickstarter

  1. I’ve been wanting a game like this for almost my whole life, Hitman and Manhunt was the closest I could ever get to this style of game. Now I just need WB and NetherRealm to make a fighting game starring slasher movie icons.

  2. Given that Slasher Vol. 1, Summer Camp was slated for release this summer, and Gun Media is building on that core, why isn’t there gameplay or a demo by now? Evolve had similar ambitions with making players feel like they are in a monster movie, but floundered because players were a lot smarter than your given mercernaries or rag-tag survivors.

    With this game, I think that disconnect could be even wider, because these movies rely on teens acting incredibly stupid. But is there any way to actually make players behave stupidly? Speaking for myself, no tawdry sex simulator, joint crafting grid, or mirror to ogle my character in would distract me from the goals of either getting the escape McGuffin’s pieces, or tooling up to kill Jason. Include another six people who are similarly motivated to win, especially if we can teabag Jason, and the entire slasher motif is just window dressing we run by.

    On the other hand, if the game can force stupud behavior, with cutscenes and mandatory minigames, then being a counselor might just feel like a bigus experience. “I could have killed Jason if my guy wasn’t fucking that girl.” Either that, or Jason might be so over-powered that being killed by him feels cheap, and the “film” ends too quickly. So as good as the idea is, I have real doubts a horror experience can fit with a fun game where all of the players can do what they want.

    So here is hoping that real gameplay footage emerges, or even a demo and all of the attendant footage and streams to prove it avoided all of the traps that Evolve fell into.

  3. With Halloween Returns and a new Leatherface getting anounced and now this; this is shaping up to be one of the best Octobers in recent memory! Plus They got freaking Tom Sex machine Savini and Kane Best Jason Hodder to come back, come on that is so awesome!

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