What’s Batman: Bad Blood? Watch The Animated Film’s Trailer


The animated Bat Family grows bigger than ever in this new animated trailer…

Just yesterday we got to see the premiere of the Daredevil Season 2 trailer from New York Comic-Con, and now we’re getting another formerly exclusive trailer from MYCC. Batman: Bad Blood is the next DC original animated film, and it features the first ever animated appearance of both Batwing and Batwoman, not to mention a whole team of villains to battle the continually evolving Bat Family. Check it out below.

If you haven’t been paying super close attention to DC’s direct to disc cartoons, then you may not know Bad Blood is the third in a trilogy. After introducing Damien as Batman’s son and the new Robin in Son of Batman, then adapting The Court of Owls comics into the Batman Vs. Robin film of this year, Bad Blood is the next step in that story. And it seems to be taking cues from both Scott Snyder’s New 52 run on Batman as well as Grant Morrison’s colossal RIP/Incorporated run with Bruce and company. Bruce disappears, Dick Grayson teams with Damien, and Batwoman tries going independent before joining the Bat Family.

I’m not just hyped that the film features Killer Moth, one of the most underrated Bat bad guys, but also that I think them solidifying the Bat Family in this film would lead fairly naturally to a Death of The Family adaptation. It’d be a real thrill to see Snyder’s grotesque version of The Joker in fully animated glory. But first Bad Blood has to hit its 2016 release date.





8 thoughts on “What’s Batman: Bad Blood? Watch The Animated Film’s Trailer

  1. Looking forward to this movie. The new DC Animated Movie Universe has been pretty good so far but out of 5 films three of them have been Batman films and the other two Justice League (staring Batman) I hope DC branches out at some point and gives some other heroes their own movies in the universe.

  2. DC has a large universe of characters, but they provide more Batman. I guess whatever makes the most money.

    The movie itself looks fine, but I wish there was a focus on other characters.

  3. I prefer DC animated cartoons (especially the movies) to DC comics, frankly. The cartoons always reward you for knowing a little about the DC universe but don’t shove it down your throat as hard as the actual comics do, and they usually start up their own continuity making it easy to follow them without getting lost. Unfortunately the last few years of movies (everything after Flashpoint Paradox, which basically means everything related to New 52) have been really mediocre except for a few stand-outs like the Suicide Squad. I couldn’t even finish the first movie in this new Batman “trilogy” because of the beginning where Deathstroke shows up and it’s an unbearably shitty version of him voiced by Greg from Dharma and Greg.

  4. I haven’t seen Batman Vs Robin yet, so my investment in this trilogy depends on how much I enjoy it, but this trailer did a pretty good job of hyping me up. Another commenter above stated that they think all the DC animated movies have been worse after the release of Flashpoint Paradox (except for Suicide Squad). I wouldn’t go as far, but I really dislike the Justice League focused movies. I think the New52 version’s of the JL characters come off as sophomoric and juvenile. I’m a bit behind on the latest releases, so my opinion might change in the future.

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