A Very Murray Christmas Trailer Will Make You Merry And Bright


Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola say seasons’ greetings with this Netflix teaser…

No offense to all you Haloweenies out there, but this time of the year to me mostly feels like being stuck in a waiting room, waiting for the holiday season to begin. I’m a secular X-Mas fan, and love all the songs, the warmth, the cartoon Christmas specials – all that cornball crap. And thanks to seeing many replays of Scrooged and classic SNL as a child, it’s not a huge jump for me to also associate the season with Bill Murray, so you can imagine how happy I was to see this teaser…

Made with Lost In Translation director Sofia Coppola, this looks to have all the markings of a classic holiday special of old: celebrity appearances, lavish musical numbers, the New York skyline, fake snow. It has the warm feel of production of old, but with enough ironic distance to include hipsters like Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman. And of course Paul Schafer will be backing up Murray on piano – at this point it’d be sacrilege for Bill to be accompanied by anyone else. I just wonder if any (or all) of the Murray brothers also found a way into this production.

This was far too brief a tease for the December 4 release on Netflix, so I’m just stuck dreaming of A Very Murray Christmas. Maybe I’ll just alternate watching Scrooged and Lost In Translation each night until release. That should tide┬áme over.





3 thoughts on “A Very Murray Christmas Trailer Will Make You Merry And Bright

  1. Wow this came out of nowhere but looks legit minus Miley who seems out of place amongst the other guests but I am sure they have some angle worked out for her.

    1. Sorry. Don’t mean to ignore the article. I figure I’ll give it a watch, but I’ve never really watched a Christmas special of this type, so I’m not really the right demographic; Even if it’s hosted by Bill Murray.

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