Legend of Zelda Meets Stephen Colbert In This Orchestral Performance


Colbert is doing his best to uphold his nerd cred on his new series…

Conan plays video games, and Jimmy Fallon plays hopscotch with the cast of Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, Stephen Colbert has been off to a bang up start on his version of The Late Show. He’s had stirring interviews and hilarious comedy bits, but what about the nerdier side of the man who once corrected Elijah Wood on Lord of the Rings trivia. Well, what about a full orchestra playing the best Zelda music ever? That’s just what happened Tuesday night.

For video game music fiends in North America, the last few years have been a real treat thanks to the touring Zelda Orchestra appearances. I can tell you from attending it before, hearing these fantastic arrangements echo through a concert hall is an incredible experience. As this appearance on Colbert makes clear, the orchestra is on tour again, so you should check if they’re coming near you.

By the way, this wasn’t Colbert’s only experience with Zelda music this week. Check out his band giving the Overworld theme a whirl.





3 thoughts on “Legend of Zelda Meets Stephen Colbert In This Orchestral Performance

  1. If any suit was coked up enough to be both brilliant and stupid, and we got an American version of Game Center CX, Colbert wouldn’t be bad as an American version of the chief. Alas, either the ratings would tank, or that suit would quickly make the show suck hard once he came down.

  2. I did not see that promo with Batista playing the theme, that was great. Nice touch having the conductor use the wand from wind waker too.

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