Tracy Morgan’s SNL Promos Are Funny And Heart-warming


Tracy Morgan will return to Saturday Night Live as a this week’s host, returning to his alma matter for the first time since his devastating car accident in 2014. While it’s sure to be emotional, his promo videos show that he’s ready to bring his weird brand of humor back this weekend.

While nothing can compare to the personal tragedy Tracy Morgan has had to endure since a car accident took the life of his friend James McNair and put the SNL and 30 Rock star in a coma, fans of the irreverent comedian worried that we may have seen the last of Morgan’s trademark humor. Due to a brain injury he suffered, fans wondered whether Morgan would ever appear on TV again, a worry that was exacerbated when he didn’t appear on Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary show and was spoken of in almost a posthumous tone.

Morgan later made appearances in public and on early morning TV shows but appeared despondent and glib (as you’d expect from someone who experienced such a traumatic event), so you can imagine the surprise when he was tabbed as Saturday Night Live’s third guest host of the 41st season. Outside of a few lines during his Emmy speech, Morgan’s brand of comedy still had yet to be seen in anything but the smallest doses. Fortunately, the customary promo videos that appear ahead of a hosting gig show that Morgan’s still got the chops to deliver a great hosting performance.

There’s plenty of Morgan’s trademarks in the 90 seconds worth of back-and-forth with Bobby Moynihan (getting people pregnant, claiming cast members owe him money), but Morgan also proves he’s willing to joke about his post-accident condition and the worry we all felt for him. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and we wouldn’t want anyone else but Tracy taking on this next SNL. By the way, even though Tracy’s promos end after 90 seconds, Laser Time fans should stick around to the end for some unofficial Laser Time promotion via Kenan Thompson.

If you want to know what to expect, you can read recaps of every SNL over the last two years (chock with video clips) via Tony Wilson‘s SNL Viewers Club series.

6 thoughts on “Tracy Morgan’s SNL Promos Are Funny And Heart-warming

  1. I am cautiously optimistic, I want Tracy Morgan to kick ass on SNL and give an incredible performance.

  2. Man…love Tracy’s humor…just wish he felt a little more comfortable breaking with the camera. The best one of those (the house discussion) he just seemed far more free-flowing and relaxed, looking at Bobby whenever it felt natural.

    Still, super glad to see Tracy back and making jokes. I think I’ll lie to you and myself and say that I’ll be watching it!

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